Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunway Lagoon Weekend Trip

I think the reason why my blog activity is getting slow is not entirely because I'm working. I think the main reason is this thing called 'Instagram' (heh) where nowadays people just post pictures there instead of blogging about it. I've upload some videos there but just for the sake of not letting this blog die, I'll write a thing or two here.

I haven't been in Sunway lagoon for ages. The last time I went there is when I was little. If memory serves me right. So lastweek I stumble upon Groupon deal. RM100 per entry + Nights of Fright 2 tickets. Quite worth it i think, so i asked if any of my colleagues are interested, so we bought the  tickets and 5 of us went there on Saturday.

We didn't bring our phones during first half of the day. So all the pictures are credit from

So, here are the things we did, I describe them with their own level of excitement.

Amusement Park
1. Colorado Splash
It was quite exciting considering it's the first thing we tried.

Excitometer: ★ ★ 
(out of 10 stars)

2. Grand Canyon River Rapid
This time you'll ride up to 6 person on this round boat/tube and cruise along the 'rough rivers' and         'waterfalls'. It's bumpy all the way and you'll definitely get wet this time.

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ 

3. Butch Cassidy Trail
Well this is a child's play. We just wanna try everything at first.


4. Pirate's Revenge.
Then we went down, I want to try the Wagon Wheel, but the gang are not a fan. 
Roller coaster is closed, so we went ahead for Pirate's Revenge. 
I'd say it's pretty much the same as the one at Times Square. Since I've tried this before I'm not as scared so I manage to enjoy the ride better. Hehe.

Excitometer: ★   

5. Apache Pots.
After that we decided to tone things down a bit sitting in this spinning pots. Child's play. But I see some guys beside us who spin the pot too much they ended up rushing to the opposite toilet to throw up. Haha.
I have to say the management has consider their due diligence on the toilet placement. :)

Water Park
6. African Phyton
Then we went down the escalator to the water park. We queue up for the African Phyton first. They have 3 types. Fully covered slide, half covered slide and fully open. I managed to try the first 2 and for me the half-covered is more exciting.

 Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ 

7. Congo Challenge
Also nice. This one you go down the slide head first using the blue thingy. Quite exciting.

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ 

8. Vuvuzela
And then we tried the infamous Vuvuzela. The climb to the station was a tad bit tiring but the ride was damn worth it. We played this 4 times that day. Not back to back of course.:P

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

9. 5D Waterplexx
Then it's time for a 'movie' experience.
Movie length was about 10 minutes and the feel is surreal. Up to the (spoiler alert) octopus sprays water at you, anaconda chase, skeleton fights, mermaids throwing you shells, complete with the wind and everything. Everybody screams even though you basically just sit there on your seat. Pretty amazing though.:P We went in 2 times.

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ ★  

Extreme Park
10. G-Force X
After we tried everything on the water park, we went to get our phones and went back up the escalator for the suspended bridge to go to the extreme park. My intention is solely to do the bungy jump but since the cost of bungy+Gforce combo is just 95RM, we decided to go for both. This time only two of us went. The other 3 just hang around water pool beside the extreme park.

That's me and Yana inside the cage.

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

11. Bungy Jump
The Highlights of the day.
First they wrap your legs with towel. Tie a rope, connect your leg tie with the harness on your waist and push you down the lake. Heh. But really, really exciting. The staff will take your video all the way down until the boat below catches you.
But as a reminder before you climb all the way to the suspended bridge to the bungy spot, you have to register first at the booth below. If not you have to climb down and up again and the stairs is quite a climb.

See, they even give you the certificate of insanity. 
I wonder whether it can be used on my resume.
Well, courage counts for something right? Hehe

Excitometer: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I'm a bit lost of word on this post actually.
Usually I can be pretty descriptive. Maybe I will come back later an try to describe everything again. Hehe

If you are a tourist and you have 1 day to spend, Sunway Lagoon is the place. I see a lot of tourists here, they're quite the same number of them as locals. And God, middle eastern babies are so darn adorable. I don't really fancy babies but seeing those middle eastern toddlers with their super curly eyelashes, brown eyes, chubby cheeks and red pouty lips. I feel like kidnapping one of them and put them in my room just look at them doing their own business. I'll return them back to their parents once they cried or poop.

Anywho, everybody should go to Sunway Lagoon.
Families with little kids can have a lot of fun at the Amusement and Water parks.
Us adults can have fun at the Extreme park. Water park too of course.
And where the hell can you find bungy jump nearby your house? There's only one in our country.
Granted it's only 22 meters but you never know if you didn't try.

So now I can cross off Bungy Jump on my long overdue to-do list.
Until next post. (^_^)


Kabir Mand said...

Whatt?? U aso wanted to try the Wagon Wheel? I wanted it but that time I went to see the Cleopatra & when I came back u guys jalan terus to go the escalator ady so i assume no one interested in it~ T__T

Nadira R said...

Ooo..i duno. I tot i told u guys dy. problem la.maybe can try when we go with wong next time.(if)haha

Al Kisah said...

goonerista long time no see..

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