Monday, December 05, 2011

Why my IC says 56 instead of 14

That is one question I always wondered until just recently. Because my brothers are all 14 accept for the last one who's born in Kedah. Actually, It's like this.
In Malaysia they have the code for every country. So Kuala Lumpur code is 14. But at the end of the year they got a lot of babies coming around so when 14 maxed out they use additional numbers from 54-57, and in my case, 56.

I haven't met a lot of people that have the number 56 when I grew up and when I found a friend last year I was like, 'OMG a brother from another mother!':P

So that's about it, not that big of a deal.

I even used to wonder if one day they'd call this 56 kids to join some kind of Power Rangers thing or something.(heh.imagination.)

P/s: Actually dalam Wiki pun ada benda ni rupanya, boleh pulak tak pernah terfikir nak google.:P


eva said...

wah!! terjumpa pulak code ni.. sbb mcm kitaorg kat srwk byk pakai 13, tbaa2 adek ktk pulak 56.. ingatkan dia sesat.. ahahha.. so selamat masih jugak 56 tu dlm srwk heheh

btw, tQ..lagu vlog sy tadi tu, nama lagu dia "the book of morris johnson by Zee Avi" ;)

missnadira said...

tapi 56 KL cik eva..adik lahir dekat KL kot..hehe..

Zee Avi ye? best.nak cari lah.thanks!:)

eva said...

eyhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. salah pulak mata ni tgk.. ahha.. ha ah lah.. 56! aikk.. adek sy kat KL pulak.. mcm mana tu.. xper.. masih dlm msia.. kalau kat africa kene hantar balik haha

haha orite ur wcom ;)

missnadira said...

haha..betul2..tapi kalau lahir kat africa pun dia ada code for luar negara..tak payah hantar balik ke africa kesian dia..hahaha:P:P


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