Sunday, December 04, 2011

One man team my ass

Hehe..I know I'm days late but what the heck. I just need an excuse to put this picture of Verma here.:P

Okay back to the topic.

Wigan 0-4 Arsenal
DW Stadium

The goals came from a whole sort of positions don't they.

Arteta(midfield) - Last time I saw he did that with Everton my jaw dropped. I'm glad he got to do that with Arsenal now. Just beautiful.

Vermaelen(centerback) - Well who doesn't love a scoring defender. It's like you ordered a fillet-o-fish and they gave you double cheese burger instead. Haha bad metaphor.I know.
Anyway, we know Per and Santos is capable of scoring. So does Koscielny and we've seen Song did it and I'm sure one of these days I'll get to see SCZC scoring as well.hahaha. They say nothing is impossible.:P

Gervinho(winger) - After million times trying, he finally found the net. He deserved that.

Robin Vantastic(striker) -What can I say, it's inevitable. hehe..

And I love Walcott even more, he could've just scored, it was not a very tight angle. Everybody wants to see Robin score that night and he knows that and he passed it to him. That's just, beyond selfish, its a friggin team spirit. No wonder little Theo below here loves him very much.:P

Even before last night game, it was definitely NOT a one man team, everybody else was playing a great role in their position and creating chances for the Captain and he just did one hell of a job as a striker at the moment.

I'm very much a happy bunny these few weeks and wishing for more victorious games ahead.
Next - Olympiacos.
Next next - Everton.


Alkisah said...

everyone can score.. :D gooner forever.

missnadira said...


john dykes said...

someday u'll become 1st malaysian's epl commentator

missnadira said...

haha..xmau jadi the next shebby pls..:P

epl commentator buat apa..saya nak interview diorang in person..:P


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