Thursday, March 16, 2017

About being Thirty

Aah..its been a while..

Let's see... I turned 30 three months ago. Yeah the dreaded Big Three O. (dreaded only for me, it makes no different to anybody else I believe).

Few months ago, I searched about what other people think of being thirty. So I got one that says EXACTLY whats in my head.

This past year has been the best of my life, though, and frankly, I haven’t wanted to leave my twenties so adamantly until fairly recently – when I realized I did manage to check off almost everything on my “To Do in My Twenties” list. I graduated college, carved out both a full-time and freelance career for myself, found “the one,” and traveled a pretty good amount. I also had a lot of fun along the way and am somehow not in crippling debt, which makes my self-inflicted back-pat feel pretty darn genuine.So what’s next? Frankly, I have no idea. And while my type-A self is mostly terrified by that revelation, I’m also pretty excited. This is an entire new decade I get to decide how to spend.It’s an entire 10-year span where I can continue to find myself, but with an added bonus I didn’t have when I turned 20: I know what I want out of life, and I know I’m capable of achieving everything I want to achieve.


Checked off almost everything on my "before 30" list.
Full time and freelance career.
Found 'the one', or rather 'the one' found me. (not that this is an achievement, but still grateful it happens)
and travel a pretty good amount.

So what's next?
This is the BIGGEST question that haunts me for the past 3 months.

Yes, I know what I want in life and I'm capable of achieving what I want to achieve.

But somehow, with a lot of options in this huge huge world in front of me, I don't freaking know which one do I choose!

And that is TERRIFYING! My Thirties has already begun and I have not started with whatever kind of life I wanted to live in this new phase of my life.

I'm still in idea brewing phase, planning, scrapping, planning again,
Midlife crisis at its best.

I will foreseen this whole 2017 will still be my transition year.
May God show me the way.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Counting Days

Harini saya cuti. Its the end of the year, kerja xbanyak and annual leave still banyak,(since I dont travel to far places this year) so I took my leave here and there this month.

But harini for some reason tenang sikit, construction sebelah tak bunyi kuat sangat, tak hujan lebat or panas terik. Feel comfortable doing nothing in my own house.

Been thinking a lot lately, way more than I should.
Mostly because I'm turning 30 in few weeks.

I've been scared and nervous for God knows why.
Some say I shouldn't think too far ahead. We can think ahead, but thinking too far ahead will destroy our ability to feel and live the present. because we dont know the future, we dont even know how long we're going to live, so why thinking about the unknown?

I know that.
But humans are a creature of habits.
We kept making the same mistake over and over again.
I dont know why turning 30 is too big of a deal for me.
Its just numbers.
But it does scares me, I dont know what it is that scares me.
Whether is the growing up part, how life feels more and more real as you get older, the responsibility it brings, or the restriction that come with, or the opportunities i may or may not have, or other things?
I need more days like this, to think, and to ponder.
About life, and everything else.
So far Im grateful of what I have.
Hoping that I will continue to be grateful for the rest of my life.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Then Which of The FAVORS of your LORD will you deny

Since I was in high school, I have this idea in my head about the kind of person i want to be.
1. I wanted to lose weight.
2. I wanted to grow up to be an independent girl with both beauty and brain.

10 years later.
I lost weight.
I grew up an independent girl, I have my youth and my wits.

Then in my degree years, it gets more specific.
3.I wanted to finish my engineering degree.
4. I wanted to be an engineer.
5. I wanted to do all the outdoor stuffs, rock climbing, bungee jumping etc.
6. I wanted to travel the world by myself.
7. I wanted to have my own house.
8. I wanted to have someone who love me with all his heart.

5 years later
I achieve ALL that.

I thought i'm the kind of person who think of what I wanted in life, and GETs it.
I'm proud of myself.
I hold on to this saying,

But then I thought, 

GOD is the one granting me all this..
Not me, 
Not solely my effort.
It's HIM who gave me what HE thought is best for me and distance me from what HE think is not.

Now the question is, 

I hope I never stop being GRATEFUL.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Turkiye/Greece 2015 - Fethiye Part 3 : Saklikent Gorge

Day 8 - 10th October 2016 (Saturday)

On my 3rd day in Oludeniz, I booked one of the tour available around Fethiye. There were few options available but I chose Saklikent Gorge tour by jeep. Thinking it'd be more like a road trip.

It took about 1hr and a half, and the view throughout the journey was amazing.

Olive plantation in Zorlar.
Most of the agriculture here as I can see are olives,pomegranates and corns.(if im not mistaken)

The road view from the jeep.

There are a LOT of mosques throughout the journey as well.
In the suburbs, the people are more conservative and they practices religion more than those living in big cities.

And then we reach here, Tlos ruins which dates back to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empire.
But we didnt go up close since it is not a high season and probably the tour guide was lazy since the number of tourist are less than 20.

Our tour guide explaining the Tlos ruins.

Further up we stop here for tea and some traditional pancake.

I was trying to take the picture of the tea maker but I didn't notice the lady will cover her face everytime I directed my phone towards her. Sorry for making you uncomfortable ma'am.

I took the time to play with this fish i forgot the name but its very fast and agile its not easy to catch.

Then we continue the journey.

More mosque.

And finally we reach the Gorge.

It was a long stretch of hardened mud and clay. Beautiful and unique at first but after a few kilometers of the same thing me and few local tourist starting to get bored and turn back to the entrance since we're only given 1hour to roam around and its already 45minutes inside.

Me and Meliha.
She and her husband are from Bursa, came to Fethiye for their honeymoon.
Both didnt speak English at all but eager to talk to me with the help of another local, Bekir.

My picture taken by Meliha. The best one is where I closed my eye.haha

Then on the way back we had our lunch at this one waterfall. I forgot its name. We trekked a little to the waterfall so we're not allowed to bring our phones. I'm not really keen to see a waterfalls since there are a lot back home and the river was freezing cold, but the trekked path to the fall was some experience though. Too bad I didnt bring my phone along.

 So after lunch we went to water rafting. The lunch provided was amazing, I had some chicken kebab with rice and some fries. The menu are same throughout Turkey it's just the matter of how they cook it that make it tastes different. Some were dry and tasteless, some were juicy and delicious. And I had good company during my lunch after the Saklikent Tour. We had our lunch on the tree house restaurant nearby the waterfall and I chatted with a late forty/early fifty couple from England who were very friendly and chatted about almost everything from their 2 sons about my age to their premier league football.

I can say throughout my journey that the Brits are a very loving people. I saw a lot of retired couple around my granpa/granma age still holding hands with each other.
And they're always saying 'Dear' or 'Sweetheart' or 'Love' when addressing other people even strangers. Normally those who are younger than them. Maybe it's just how they are. 

I started to regret my decision when I got into the ice cold water. But i continue along with my 'raft'

I lost my paddle at the end, since the stream was damn strong. But it was fun.

Then we went for a mud bath. Where locals claim to have health benefit to your body.

It was all fun and games during the mudbath, all acting silly and throwing mud at each others back.
Then we shower off all the mud and head back to Fethiye.

The night life at Oludeniz beach was very lively, i wish i could sit in one of those colorful cafes but im alone and dont want any trouble so i just stayed in my room for the night. Introvert alert. 

The view on the beach the next morning. Parachute infected the sky and the beach.
From Oludeniz I took a van back to Fethiye town to catch a plane at Dalaman Airport back to Istanbul.

I had some time to kill and i stroll around Fethiye old town to buy some souvenirs.

One of the cafes in old town.

Bus enroute to Dalaman Airport.

So far I can say the most important LESSONSduring my travel up until now is,

Bring my camera phone everywhere I go and take pictures with great people I met along the way. 

Like the Lady on my bus ride To Bodrum, and the couple from England. The treehouse restaurant, and the food we ate there.
Sometimes when you're travelling alone, you will appreciate every kindness you receive from strangers more often than not the one around your parents age. Just the feeling of random kindness and friendliness even you're in a place full of strangers where nobody know your name or even who you are. God bless those kind and loving people.

Next, Istanbul part 2. Last stop before I head back home,


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