Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Of 2019 Climbing Comps - TheVerdict

So lets compare notes.

Adrenaline Fest 2018December 2018
Format - Endurance Competition, Points collection. 4hours.
12 Top Rope routes and 12 Boulder routes, climb (and top) all the routes as many time as you can. One try per route per round
Category - I mistakenly joined the Open category, cos I thought Novice is for students. (This is my first time ever registering for comps, so twas an honest mistake).
My thoughts - I can top 11 out of the 12 top rope routes but only 3 out of the 12 boulder routes.
My mistake I think is that I started with top rope routes where the queuing lines are longer. I wasted a lot of time waiting in line.
Result - I placed 5th out of 7 women in Open category. My points are a mere 116 for a 4 hr time.
Strategy - At the time my strategy for next year is to do boulder first to reduce the waiting time, so I can do more routes.

Pertandingan Mendaki Peringkat Negeri Selangor - May 2019
Format - 4 boulders in qualification, 3 boulders in final.
Category - Novice
My thoughts - Did ok in quali but mental pressure got the best of me in finals. Couldn't top the last boulder during final cost me the win.
Result - 1st in Speed, 2nd in Boulder.
Strategy - Get the right state of mind, be in control of my own emotion.

Volume Control - July 2019 
Format - Point collection. 40 boulders, climb the best 15 problems in 2 hours.
Category - One category
My thoughts - This comp is part of South East Asia League, and its kind of a big thing and it attracts a lot of Singaporeans climber. I am 90% recovered from my wrist injury at the time but I'm still a bit cautious because I haven't do boulder for 2 solid months after the last comp cos of the injury.
I'm actually clueless during the day and have no idea where to start. I  planned to start with the lowest point boulder and just move up from there, but a girl said to me, just go for the ones with more points. And another one of my weakness is that I don't know how to decide if the routes are doable to me. I spent a long time making decision or looking at others. My guideline is that if I see a girl that I think is stronger than me can't do a route, I will not be able to do it. So I just stick to the lower points route, and I don't even get 15 routes by the end. I get only 14 done.
Its a terrible thing because by the end, I realized there are routes that other girls can't do that I can do. People strength and weaknesses are not the same. So comparing with others is a big no-no. Good thing is I met new girl climbers there.
Result - 17 out of 17 girls.
Strategy - I should target mid range point boulders instead of lower point boulder. And learn to decide which route that I can do.

Selangor Showdown -12 October 2019
Format - Point collection. 40 boulders, climb the best 10 problems in 4hours.
Category - One category
My thoughts - Since this is similar format to Volume Control, I already targeted to aim for the middle points routes instead. Managed to get all 10 problems done but there are 3 higher points routes that I've tried that could've give me more points if I were able to finish them. 2 of them is a slab. One is a sloper top hold that I could not match.
Result - shared 10th out of 25 girls.
Strategy - Work on slabs, foot work, pistol squats and YES, slopers.

Adrenaline Fest 2018 - Oct 2019
Format - Endurance Competition, points collection. 3.5hours.
Category - Novice
My thoughts - I can top all 12 top rope routes but still only 3 out of the 12 boulders.
This time I started with boulder first, but I still have to wait in line for the top rope routes.  The top rope routes are super easy that almost everyone can do them, so to be on top of the pack the deal breakers are the boulders.
Result - I placed 5th out of 34 women in Novice category. My points are 156. I'm a bit bummed not to get podium this time around.
Strategy - This time around my strategy is just be way better at boulders and get the endurance down pat.

National Sports Climbing Competition - Oct 2019
Format - 6 boulders in qualification. Flash Format. 30 minutes
Category - Interstate
My thoughts - I got 3 Tops and 4 zones out of the 6 in quali. The no.3 until 10 girls are all having 3 Tops, the difference are just on zones and number of attempts. I burned a whopping 12 attempts to top and another 10 on zones. I was relieved to top the 3rd boulder but I had a feeling that I can at least have zone on the remaining 2. All and all I was in the right state of mind, its just that I need to be more relax, not burning too much attempts and just get stronger in general.  One of the girl who made final is the girl who shared 10th place with me during Selangor Showdown. So the thoughts of me being in a final is not too far fetch of an idea.
Result - 10th out of 35 girls
Strategy - Route Reading and just train/boulder more.

So in general, I still need to do more boulders to get use of the various movement and style of bouldering.

One more thing I noticed, starting 2018, there are many girls competing compared to the previous years. Most likely because of many new bouldering gym opening. So the current field is getting bigger with like 20 or so familiar faces. Not like couple of years ago where you knew like 5 big names and  they are the ones who compete in almost every competition. Now, there actually is a competition.

And after getting to know some other girls, I learned how to be competitive. You just cannot join a competition and not be competitive. The competitiveness is what makes you train harder, train seriously and effectively.

And getting better at boulder equals getting better at lead. And there is where the ultimate goal is.

Looking forward to the next boulder comp and hopefully I got the opportunity to join a lead comp someday.

Now its time to revise the training plan.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Of 2019 Climbing Comps - the hard path

When I first started climbing in 2015, I've never ever thought that I would join any kind of sports competition. I'm not good at any sports in school and uni so it never came up in my mind.
After about 2 years, some friend did suggest I enter a competition as there are not many female climbers around and those who joined competitions are even lesser. So the chances of winning are high.
As a person who is not at all competitive, I think joining competition after just 2 years of climbing is a crazy idea. I at least want to feel that I'm capable before I think of joining a comp.
When I started climbing, I started with top rope, and then went on to lead. I just climb leisurely, once a week or 2 weeks once. I never do bouldering. And most of the competition at the time is a bouldering comp.
So competition is not on my mind. I just focus on finishing my projects routes.
Its not until they held the National Competition for Asean Games selection in February 2018 that I thought, hey, there really are not many girls competing. And those who get through, they will get the chance to train under MSN program. So the price is actually an opportunity to get even better at climbing. Proper training, proper guidance, proper everything. Of course that one is to choose athlete for Asian Games but hey, if you got in for the training itself its already a huge opportunity.
At the time I already improve on my lead climb, so I feel that I too can compete and fight for the opportunity to train with the best.
So I vow not miss any next comps and try to compete.
So the next competition after that is Adrenaline Fest in Oct 2018. That was an endurance comp not like normal comp. But it's good to see where your climbing fitness at.

And then next is Battle of the Boulder on April 2019. But that one is a 4 week event where you have to collect points for the 4 weeks before getting to final. I'm staying far from Camp5 Utropolis and since I'm working, its not really feasible for me to join.

And then I started to hear about these State organized competitions. But I only know them after they are done. One thing I noticed when I start looking for competition is that its hard to get info on competition here. There are no posters in PCP or any social media, even though I started following many climbing accounts.
I knew they were gonna do one in Perak, but I have no info on who can join. But other states are doing closed comp and they were strict on the participants. Only those who stayed in that state or born there can join.
Then I look for KL, but I know about KL a little too late, and they already closed the registration. Then I ask if the person knew about Selangor. He told me to ask JBS Selangor. So I called JBS Selangor the next day and they told me its going to be held on 3-4 May 2019. That date we already booked a light and accomodation to Phuket actually, but since there's the only state I can join, we burned the tickets and everything.
I don't know if anybody have the same amount of difficulty getting info on comps. But that's how its been for me and how I got into the Selangor State comp.

Then I joined Volume Control on July 2019. This was a last minute decision cos I just got over from my wrist injury I get after the Selangor State Comp. More on this later.
So fast forward few months, to add up spice in my story, despite winning 1st and 2nd on the Selangor State, I did not get a call from the organizer or the Nationals. So does the other winner. So we took the initiative to ask the organizer ourselves. Then only he gave us the registration form. He told us he lost our names. That's like a month before the Nationals.

And then the next week, we heard about Selangor Showdown competition that will be held 2 weeks before the Nationals where the winner from there are the one who's going to represent Selangor, not us from the Selangor State comp in May. I try to clarify this issue with the organizer but after a not so convincing answer from him and my attempt to not missed out on Nationals, I take my own initiative to contact the Perak Team, since I am a Perakian and I know their athlete when I climb in Batu Kurau, and fortunately for me, they accepted me to join the Perak team.

So I go to National.

Now on to the competition itself in the next post.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

My first climbing competition

So last May, I joined my first climbing competition (with isolation and all).
It was a bouldering and speed comp for the state of Selangor.

I myself is more of a Lead Climber, cos I love lead climbing. But I heard that every state is helding this event and those who win this competition would have a chance to compete in the Nationals by the end of the year. So I registered.
To be completely honest I thought this would be similar to the 2018 competition with Lead, Bouldr and Speed Category. I'm curious as why lead is not included but foreseeing it might have lead category when they do the nationals later on, I just registered anyway even though I'm not used to bouldering and speed climbing.

I don't mind doing bouldering sometime, as it could improve my technique during lead climb.

So what I can conclude from these few weeks of bouldering, I can note some weakness points.

Apart from the apparent strength you need for bouldering, there are few other things need to be considered for bouldering competitions.

1. Route reading.
Sometimes I can read a route sometimes I have no idea even how to start. And sometimes you just got to go and climb to figure it out.
The thing about competition climbing, is you got to finish a particular boulder in 4 minutes. With little attempts as possible. So if you don't know how to read a route, you will waste time and number of attempts.
In a  normal day in a bouldering gym, you can rest as long as you want in between climb. You got one whole day to top a route, if you can't get it that day, you can try again tomorrow.

So its totally different.

2. Mental game
For me in a comp, mental game is crucial. If you're positive, you enjoy the climb, everything will be fine. But if you're overthinking, you will not be able to top  a route you normally can.
And in a comp, there will be pressure. And you will be affected if you can't control your mental game.

So in short, if you want to excel in bouldering, you have to boulder a lot, if you want to excel in competition, you have to join a lot of competition.
Get use to the time constraint and the mental game.

I end up 1st place in the speed category. And 2nd place in boulder category.

I don't know how I won the Speed category cos that is literally the first time I touched the speed wall and do the speed climb. Mostly luck.

But boulder is where I got my mental game tested.
I flashed all 4 qualification routes but in the final, I feel pressured cos I came out last, and I feel like I need to do the best to win. I flashed the first route, could not even get a zone on 2nd route that really made me stuck thinking why I cant do well at the 2nd route and affected my performance on the 3rd route. So I didn't managed to Top it and placed 2nd.

I joined the competition just to try different style of climbing, meet other people and learn their technique so I could apply it to my lead climbing, and able to top my lead project.

At the moment, I will try to focus on my next bouldering competition. Wish me luck.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Skincare for men - is it necessary?

After I had some awareness on skincare, I would say YES, it it necessary.

At the very least, men need to use the sunscreen.

I know using skincare products seems girly to some men, but hey, for the love of God, I don't want my man looking like those Korean boybands and have prettier skin than me, but at least I want them to be healthy, and acne/scar free. If you've met Chaoi, you know he used to had acne problems, and now he had tonnes of acne scars. The surface of his skin is comparable to Malaysian road - potholes everywhere.
And there's always the case of sun damage.

So I give him the very very minimal thing to use on his own. And the rest I will apply for him (forcefully) or when he's asleep.

So the VERY BASIC step I encourage him to do every morning is the usual cleanse - moisturize - sunscreen.

His main problem is acne scars, so a lot of the product he uses is to combat acne from appearing again.
I don't include toner as to not give him a lot to do (he's already lazy even for these 3) plus he has oily skin, probably skipping toner wouldn't be a problem. But I will use it on him on Sundays when we did the weekly clay mask.

1. Nivea Men Ice Mud Serum Foam Cleanser
2. Loreal Men White Activ Volcano Icy Oil Lotion (As moisturizer)
3. Biore UV SPF50+++ 
(This one I really force him to wear everyday at the beginning and he seems to be a good boy about it now by wearing them everyday without me having to remind him any more.)

Malam pun I just ask him to just cleanse and use the same moisturizer.
The extra thing I used for him at night is The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin.

Banyak orang yang saya jumpa yang ada masalah parut jerawat memang bagi good review on this one, sebab dia boleh mencerahkan parut jerawat. So normally lepas cuci muka I will tempek this on his face, then put on moisturizer then baru tidur. Kalau sempat, most of the time I sleep later than him, tapi sometimes bila I penat and tertidur dulu then gone lah Alpha Arbutin.

And then I also do the same weekly thing I did, on him.
Wednesday nights pakai scrub, and Sunday mornings pakai clay mask. So far memang I can see the improvement sebab kulit dia sangat kasar and berminyak, Now after I tempek everything dia jadi lebih bersih and kurang berminyak.

I also use Niacinamide on him on Sunday since dia malas nk pakai everyday, sebab Niacinamide can regulate sebum from what I read. 

So that's all for men skincare.

Just the basic part everyday. Bukannak jadi Dewa Remaja pun, nak kulit sihat je.



Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dya talks skincare

Skincare was never a topic of my interest since I was young.

But I do use them sparingly ever since I started high school.

I don't really have a skin issue but I do have that usual growing up acne on my teen years but its not something too alarming that requires me to get attached to a skincare routine.

I used the Johnson's Clean n Clear cleanser when I first got my acne but it feels to harsh for me and even made my skin cracks around the corner of my nose.

I remember sticking to Safi Balqis cleanser for the rest of my highschool years.

My first real experience with skincare was when I joined the school marching band and I got sunburned and I wanted to get rid of the sunburn.
At the time Fair 'N' Lovely was all the hype, this was around the year 2000-ish.
But I'm not too fond to try them cos those girls who use them, I noticed it made their skin lighter than their original skin. Seems too - for the lack of a better word- corrosive to me.
So I asked my mom, and she told me she used  this old Nivea lotion that has been around since my grandma time.

So I did my own research and I buy this Nivea Day and Night cream

Of course the packaging are different 17 years back. But it's a day and night cream.

So I religiously apply them, and within a week my sunburn is gone and my skin is back to its original color, not lighter, and some of my roommate notices.

So since then, I stick to these Day and Night cream from Nivea up until my twenties.
I don't use is everyday but its the only brand I go to.

And then after a while, I believe when you used a product for too long (about 10 years at the time), it stopped giving an effect to your skin. So I look for different brand of skincare.  I was around 27 when I got influenced by Yuna campaign for Olay, so I used Olay for a while. Yuna is my age so I assumed what works for her will work for me. haha.
Apparently it doesn't.

Then after a while I changed to Nutox range. This time influenced by Fazura. 

I am one easily influenced soul. *guilty*

It was when I was 30 that I started to use the full range of skincare, *baru nak ada kesedaran*
I used everything Nutox. Cleanser, day cream, night cream and serum. I started to learn the function of serum. And I fell in love particularly with the Nutox Serum Concentrate and its Night Repair Cream.
The first time I used them, my husband and friends noticed my skin actually glows.

Photo credit greenstoryblog.com

So I stick with them for 2 years.

And all these while, up until now, I haven't use any scrub ke apa ke, only the basic cleanse, tone, moisturize.

This year, at 32, I get more deeper into skincare, when, 
1. I took that damn 10 years challenge that highlighted how dull and tired my skin looks
2. My long time housemate Anne, started getting into skincare too.
3. I work with a 24 year old fresh graduate who is a skincare enthusiast.

So I start to study my own skin and what to do to make it healthier and better.

The first thing I need to know is my skin type. Since teenage years, I always thought that my skin is oily, by mid twenties, some skincare salesperson told me that I had a combination skin -oily & dry, but now, probably when I reached 30, my skin is actually a DRY SKIN.

I always said I don't want brightening, tak nak putih pun, just nak kulit yg smooth, sekata, clean pores and healthy looking skin. 

Basically my skin problems are,
1. Dull and tired looking skin (dry)
2. Large pores
3. Pigmentation (due to those visit to many many beaches in my mid/late twenties)
4. Fine lines on the forehead 

When your skin is dry, it becomes rough, sometimes flaky and when the surface of your skin is not smooth, it wont have the ability to reflect light, hence the dull looking skin.

So from what I read, what I need is hydration, and what I need for hydration is Hyaluronic Acid, and I goes berserk looking for everything Hyaluronic Acid.

The first thing I do is changing my Nutox cleanser cause it seems like it does nothing for me. 
So I look for Hada Labo range, cause they have everything HA. I never liked anything Korean before, but now I get the hype, Asian skincare is for Asian skin. So cleanser done.
Since I was already there, I bought along its toner/lotion. Believe it or not I stayed in Sunway Velocity Watson for my entire lunch hour that day just to read all the ingredients and comparing every product on the Hada Labo shelf. 

1. Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Facewash 

Don't really care about the whitening but at first I bought the white one its too drying for my skin, then ada satu girl dekat Watson suggest I guna this one, and so far ok, not too drying.)

2. Hada Labo Gokujyun-Alpha Toner

Ni memang amik masa lama gila nak pilih mana satu, but last2 amik yg anti-aging sebab well, sis dah 30 plus. heh.

Both have high content of HA.

Then after few days, I realized the importance of sunscreen. 
Previously I just used Nutox Moisture Emulsion SPF25++ for a year and a half (its a moisturizer, I didn't know any better at the time). 
I couldn't get my 3rd bottle cos the Watson ran out of stock so I bought Nutox Solar Block SPF45++(now THIS is sunscreen, I didn't realized it's a sunscreen at the time). 
So in a way I was blessed the moisturizer ran out of stock.
I realized that I NEED to use sunscreen everyday when I AM already started wearing sunscreen-accidentally. 

But I don't really like the texture cos it gets clumpy when I apply compact powder afterwards, so after the whole tube is finished, I bought Hada Labo Air UV Fresh SPF50+++

Ni best sebab dia sangat light, cepat kering and ok je kalau pakai compact powder afterwards. 
Pun ada HA.  
Mahal sikit, but I realize sunscreen ni mmg lagi mahal lagi best. *nangis*

But I still don't have a moisturizer.

So I'm back to the stores and online, researching for the perfect moisturizer for me.
Remember I need HA. So far the reviews online, both Asian and Western review and also Anne (that long time room mate of mine) are saying good words on Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel. 
So I go and bought it the very next day. 

Turned out HA IS what I need and what I've been missing for my dull and tired looking skin.

I apply it during the day and sometimes at night. I love the balmy feels of the gel, how nyaman it feels against my hot, dry face.
Even on Sunday when I'm at home, I'll re-apply it after my Zohor prayer and my skin feels like having its own air-conditioner.
I will apply it even more if I was wearing make up during the day.

And after few weeks, I can honestly feel the bounciness, my skin feel plumps and even though I still have those pigmentation and large pores, my skin feels smooth and supple. It looked smooth and supple.
Boleh rasa dia macam boink boink okay.
Compared to last time kulit muka rasa nipis dan melekat je dekat cheekbone.

For the night regime I still maintain my Nutox Serum and Night Cream cos I have no reason not to.

So since I already consistent with my cleanse-tone-moisturize-sunscreen routine, I read further for the extras.

Dull and tired looking skin is slowly gone, now I need something for my pores.

And I read a lot from Iman Abdul Rahim's blog , lengthy whatsapp discussion with Anne, and lunch-time chat with Alia (the fresh grad) I bought  some product for pores that I used weekly.

1. The Ordinary Niacinamide
2. Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
3. Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask
4. Laneige Perferct Pore Cleansing Oil (yang ni pakai trial bottle je dulu sebab just nk cuba)

I try to use TO Niacinamide everyday before moisturizer (haven't got around to it yet, bangun pagi selalu rush pergi office)

The other 3 I use every Sunday ikut step from Iman's post. So far baru 2 minggu / 2 kali pakai so belum nampak beza, still there on my nose like I purposely spill black pepper on it.
But it does work on Chaoi after 1 use, yes reading Iman's blog made me use all this on Chaoi as well.
Will blog about this next.

The rest of my skincare is, 

1. The Face Shop White Jewel Peeling (I used this once a week to get rid of semua kulit mati)
2. The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin (Ni beli kat Chaoi sebab dia banyak parut jerawat, but sometimes I use it in hope to reduce my pigmentation)

So my daily routine goes like this,


1. Hada Labo Cleanser (water based cleanser)
2. Hada Labo Toner
3. TO Niacinamide (serum) 
4. Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost (moisturizer) 
5. Hada Labo sunscreen


1. Laneige Oil Cleanser (If I wore make up or banyak kena debu/pergi site that day)
 2. Hada Labo Cleanser (water based cleanser) 
3. Hada Labo Toner   
  4. Nutox Serum or TO Alpha Arbutin
5. Nutox Night Repair Cream

Yang paling kiri tu make-up remover, tersilap beli sebab mula-mula ingatkan dia cleanser. 
Tapi bagus jugak sebab dia pun ada HA.

Serum I alternate between TO Alpha Arbutin and Nutox Advanced Serum Repair, ikut mood.


(Ni totally referring to Iman's post)

1. Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (Apply for 20minutes)
2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask (Apply for 10 minutes)
3. Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil
4. Hada Labo Cleanser (water based)             
5. Hada Labo Toner
6. TO Niacinamide (serum)
7. Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost (moisturizer)        
8. Hada Labo sunscreen   

Ni sama je macam malam biasa just tambah scrub untuk buang sel-sel kulit mati.

 1. Laneige Oil Cleanser 
 2. Hada Labo Cleanser
 3. The Face Shop White Jewel Peeling (scrub)
 4. Hada Labo Toner     
 5. Nutox Serum 
 6. Nutox Night Repair Cream

Baru realize kalau tak buang sel-sel kulit mati, pakai lah skincare mahal pun, dia takkan boleh bagi kesan dekat kulit kita.

So there you go,  all the skincare that I use.

We'll see if I managed to improve the appearance of my pores, I know pigmentation is hard to get rid of.

In the future, I will consider using Retinol for the fine lines in my forehead, in the mean time, I want to maintain this routine and see the results after few months.

Till next post!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Semua tentang Collagen

So, kita semua tahu apa itu collagen kan. Ada orang cakap lambat kan proses penuaan, ada orang cakap nak cerahkan kulit ada orang cakap bagus untuk lutut/joints..

But do we really know  how it works? Apa yg buat die berkesan/tak berkesan/jenis apa yg kena ambik, berapa quantity nk kena ambik and berapa lama nak kena ambik?

Sy ingt lagi the first time saya amik collagen is in my early twenties, masa tu zaman follow blog hanis zalikha, and dia promote Tojours Collagen, bukan Tojours yang sekarang, Tojours yg dulu dlm bentuk serbuk dalam container bulat yg boleh campur dalam air/makanan atau moisturizer/night cream., bau ikan dia sngtlah kuat.

Masa tu early twenties muka belum ada masalah apa, tapi nk pakai juga. Nak flawless mcm Hanis Zalikha lah katakan. So pakai for about a week, then muka naik jerawat. So stop.

(Few years later I realize kalau first time pakai mmg muka akan berjerawat sebab dia nak buang toxin. Don't know the truth about this is haven't research about it.)

So, saya start ambil collagen balik bila dah kerja, at the time around mid 20s. Sebab perasan dah mula ada pigmentation and dah start kusam sikit. At this time mmg cuba macam2.
Kinohimitsu, Radiance Signature, Aura White, and pernah beli Tojours balik, time tu dah ada Tojours Collagen Shot.
Tapi saya ni tak consistent, semuanya minum sampai habis botol/kotak, tengok xde perubahan terus stop.

Then in my late 20s, sy pergi salon di Alamanda, and hairdresser tu suggest sy amik K-Colly 17 sbb my hair is dull, and of course it will benefit kulit muka sekali. So sy try, and this time it really kinda works. Cos I can see the difference in my skin.
Tak tahu lah collagen yg dulu sy amik xnampak berkesan because I'm still in my early/mid 20s, so xnampak kesan sngt. Could be juga kan. But could be brand lain2 tu mmg xberkesan untuk sy. But after that I stop again, sbb money constraint.

So this year, remember awal tahun semua org buat 10 years challenge? So sy pun ikut sama, and I can compare myself in 2009 and me now.  In my early 30s. 32 years and 3 months to be exact.

Even though gambar kiri tu pakai makeup gambar kanan tu tak, but you can see the obvious difference there. Kusam and nampak penat. Actually masa mid 20s lagi dah nampak penat. And then I went to all those beach trip, mmg balik from all those trip mmg muka dah banyak pigmentation. Sun burn can heal easily but once the sun gave you those pigmentation, they're not that easy to get rid of.

So sekarang, mana2 pergi org dah panggil kak, regardless lah sy pakai jeans and converse sekalipun still kena panggil kak.
So sy rasa mmg dah time untuk ambik collagen secara serius balik😓.

Tapi this time sy plan nak research betul2 dulu and stick to the one yg mmg betul2 boleh bagi kesan, bukan just beli je mana2 collagen yg ada tulis collagen and hope magic will happen.

So berapa sebenarnya umur yg sesuai amik collagen?

Kita semua tahu collagen semula jadi badan start berkurang seawal umur 20.
Setiap tahun dia kurang 1%, by umur 50 kita dah hilang 50% collagen dalam badan. Lepas menopaus, rate collagen menurun laaagi cepat.

And then kita perlu tahu tentang Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid ni ialah component yg promote kesihatan colagen dalam badan kita.
Collagen tugas dia menegangkan kulit, tapi hyaluronic acid nourish and hydrates the collagen itself.
Hyaluronic acid dlm kulit kita start hilang seawal umur 18 lagi, tapi kesan pengurangan hyaluronic acid ni hanya akan start nampak masa umur late 30s and early 40s.

So bagi saya mmg eloklah start amik supplement collagen in our late 20s and early 30s.
Kalau ada duit banyak okla kot amik staring mid twenties. prevention is better than cure kan.

Ok, bila dah rasa dah time kena amik, kena tau pulak jenis dia.

Collagen Type apa yg perlu kita ambil?

Collagen ade baanyak jenis actually.
Yang untuk kulit ialah Type I and Type 3.
Type 2 ialah untuk our cartilage/joints dekat lutut, siku atau buku lali kaki.

So Type 1 & 3 tadi yang untuk kulit, muscle, kuku, rambut dan kesihatan tulang.

So make sure cari yg Type 1 & 3.

Collagen ni datang(source) dari mana?

Collagen boleh datang dari
1. Ikan (Marine collagen)
2. Lembu (Bovine Collagen)
3. Khinzir (Porcine Collagen)

Di Malaysia mostly saya pasti collagen adalah dari sumber marine.
Tapi kalau tengok collagen yang dari US, lebih banyak Bovine sebab most people tak suka bau hanyir ikan. So kena tengok betul2 jenis collagen apa yg tulis kat botol.

Tapi saya perasan collagen oversea lebih transparent on mana dia amik source collagen dia. You can easily see from the description on the bottle. Tapi collagen di malaysia mostly hanya tulis colagen sahaja. So taktau marine or bovine.

Berapa banyak nak kena ambil sehari?

Boleh refer link ni.

Minimum 5000mg/5g maximum 30000mg/30g sehari.

Apa brand collagen yang ada dekat pasaran?

OK di pasaran ada banyak jenis collagen, sometimes collagen ni adalah marketing name untuk supplement kecantikan kulit.
Ada oversea punya, Malaysia punya.
Yang Malaysia punya,
ada yang dijual di farmasi, Watson/Guardian,
ada jugak yang dijual dekat kedai/kiosk jamu.

Kalau rajin meh tengok beberapa yang saya search di website iHerb. Actually banyak je lagi dekat Amazon semua, tapi kita narrow down lah ok.

1. California GOLD collagen

Sekarang rank no 1 di iHerb ialah California GOLD collagen.
Kalau boleh zoom the 2nd photo, its a marine collagen, 
Sourced from:  Fish (One or more of the following: Cod, Haddock, Hake & Tilapia).

2. Neocell Super Collagen C

Yang ni pun highly rated, source dia takde pulak tulis di botol, tapi melalui research internet, dia ialah bovine collagen.
So bovine collagen ni memang tidak consider lah sebab lembu US sembelih keee?

3. Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Ini pulak famous dikalangan orang yang active bersukan Collagen Peptides from Sports Research, ranking agak baik di iHerb tapi bovine collagen jugak.

Counterpart nya ialah this one, from the same brand, 
Source : Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides [from non-GMO verified, wild caught pacific snapper).

Kalau korang notice, dekat botol memang akan clearly state,
berapa jumlah content, source collagen dengan detail, ikan jenis apa, bahagian ikan yang mana, ikan tangkap kat mana, ikan bela ke ikan liar. 
So kita pun rasa convinced sikit la. 

Contoh macam ade sesetengah orang tak makan ikan tilapia sebab ada yang di farmed secara besar-besaran di China and dibagi makan pallet or benda2 tak elok. So that's why some manufacturer akan declare oh ikan dia tak farm, dia caught wild fish from this and this ocean. 

Camtu sekali ha punya detail, betul tak betul tak tau tapi diorang memang kena declare, USFDA regulation.

Itu US punya.

OK yang Malaysia punya pun ada macam2 jenis collagen. Tapi macam saya cakap most collagen di Malaysia ni guna nama Collagen sahaja tapi ingredient mainly more to berries and antioxidant. Collagen maybe small part of the product. Ada yang memang takda langsung collagen. Collagen is merely a marketing name.
Kalau tak percaya boleh compare collagen luar negara yang saya list dekat atas ni dengan collagen2 Malaysia macam Qu Puteh dan Aura White.

Sebagai contoh ini Pure collagen dust yg sy amik 10 tahun lepas. Memang pure marine collagen dibuat dari sisik dan tulang ikan. Tak campur apa2. Memang rasa ikan. Most collagen US mcm nilah, main ingredient ialah collagen, and tambah benda2 lain macam Vitamin C and anti-oxidant yg lain.

OK first kita tengok off the shelf punya collagen. Maksudnya yang kita boleh dapat di Watson/Guardian.

1. BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate

Tengok content dia, 
 Pomegranate Juice Powder, Grape Juice Powder, Blackcurrant Juice Powder, Fructose, then baru dia mention Marine Collagen Powder (Fish) and yadayada....

2. Kinohimitsu Diamond Collagen Drink

Lychee Juice, Fructose, Collagen (Fish), Apple Juice, Citric Acid etc..

So nampak beza kan, ingredient dia more to berries instead of the collagen itself.

OK sekarang kita tengok collagen yang dijual dekat kedai/kiosk jamu pulak. Yang ni yang paling ramai orang tahu dan guna.

1. Aura White


Actually Aura White ada macam-macam jenis.
Saya just grab yang ni la sebagai contoh,
Content:Berry, Berry Berry Berry...Collagen.Berry...
(update: yang ni mmg product itu sendiri tak guna nama collagen)

2. Secret Skin White (Yang Jihan Miskin dan Dr Halina pakai)

Yang ni nampak best sikit sebab clearly tulis Hydrolyzed Salmon collagen. 
Walaupun first time dengar. Sebab kalau US/UK punya collagen pun selalu dengar cod.haddock, pollock etc, belum pernah pulak dengar salmon, bukan ke salmon mahal? 
tapi price pulak RM120 boleh dapat 2 botol so sis suspicious sikit.

3. Qu Puteh

Diorang claim Qu-Puteh ni berbeza dari yang lain sebab dia ada Argan.
Sis penat pulak nak research apa kebaikan Argan, 
Tapi tak perasan ada collagen tak dalam ingredient, yang ni sis xsempat belek kat kedai. Google gambar ingredient dpt gambar atas ni je. Nanti sapa2 tolong clarify kan boleh?
(update: yang ni mmg product itu sendiri tak guna nama collagen)

4. K-Colly Sweet 17

Ok yang ni claim ada hydrolized marine collagen ,hyaluronic acid, l-glutathione and of course segala mak nenek berry tadi.

Ok so sekarang korang notice tak apa beza produk collagen oversea, product collagen Malaysia off-the shelf, dengan produk collagen kedai jamu?

Kenapa Malaysia punya banyak berry, fruit juice, seed, tapi US punya tak ada?

OK, ni saya rasa lah, collagen US tu memang collagen betul lah, tapi Malaysia punya collagen ni lebih focus kepada anti-oxidant, thats why banyak berry fruit juice la seed la apela semua ni.
Berries kan memang banyak anti-oxidant.
Kalau tengok Dr Halina review Kawaii Collagen pun dia lebih review tentang anti-oxidant, bukan collagen. 

Boleh baca kat sini.

Detail explanation dia tentang free-radicals

So bagus ke tak anti-oxidant?
Mestila bagus, and memang dia boleh membantu sihatkan kulit juga. Dan dia juga lebih kepada pencerahan.

So totally different lah dari collagen. Sebab collagen ni lebih kepada, kesihatan kulit yang lebih ke anti-penuaan.

Satu lagi product yang anti-oxidant ialah Glutathione. Korang pernah dengar kan, orang suruh ambil pil glutathione untuk cantikkan kulit.
Tapi diorang pun ada cakap yang Glutathione kena ambil dengan Vitamin C baru berkesan. 
Berkesan untuk apa? Untuk cerahkan, sebab anti-oxidant tugas dia untuk protect kulit, tapi Vitamin C yang berfungsi sebagai agen pencerah.
Collagen pulak, melambatkan penuaan, repair kulit, kuku,joints.

So dalam macam-macam jenis ingredient yang ada, ingredient mana satu yang paling penting untuk kita pilih product collagen yang bagus?

OK ini terpulang kepada korang nak apa. Korang nak jaga kulit je ke, cerahkan kulit je ke, atau nak lambatkan proses penuaan.
So for me personally, saya memang nak cari collagen, so saya make sure dia ada

1. Hydrolyzed Collagen
Macam saya cakap tadi, minimum 5g/5000mg sehari.
2. Hyaluronic Acid
120-240mg sehari,
3. Vitamin C
For adult women, 75mg sehari je dah cukup untuk kegunaan harian, tapi untuk mencerahkan, mungkin lebih sikit.

Tiga ni paling penting. sebab Collagen akan dapat diserap lebih effective dengan Vitamin C. Hyaluronic Acid sebab dia akan nourish collagen tu.

4. L- Glutathione

kalau ada glutathione tadi pun ok, tapi kalau dah banyak berry berry semua tu rasanya dah serve the same purpose. (Correct me if I'm wrong ya)

Tapi macam biasalah, kalau beli product collagen ni mana-mana pun akan suruh kita minum air banyak, kurangkan gula/garam dan caffeine.

Kenapa? saya akan buat satu blogpost lain berkenaan dengan effect caffeine. Sebab panjang.

So saya rasa mungkin lah kenapa K-Colly 17 berkesan dekat saya masa last time saya cuba dulu, sebab dia ada semua 3 ingredient yang saya list kat atas tadi. Mungkin lah kan. 
Just that saya tak berapa prefer lagi sebab dia tak declare marine collagen dari ikan apa and berapa banyak content hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and ingredient dia yang lain.

So sekarang saya nak cuba yang lain pula, and sekarang saya memang nak cari yang pure collagen sebab lagi satu factor ialah saya bersukan, memang collagen perlu untuk org yang bersukan for joint and muscle heath especially those in their 30s. Yang kebanyakan jual di Malaysia mostly untuk kulit sahaja.
So hopefully I can find one that suites me.

Kalau saya jumpa, saya akan cuba and bagitahu experience saya disini nanti.

For further reading boleh tengok dekat semua link dibawah ni.

Ada je yang claim, kalau kita makan dengan sihat tak payah pun ambil collagen supplement semua ni. So terpulang kepada diri masing-masing ye. Know what you want and need for your body. Baca dulu fikir pros and cons and then decide.



Sunday, February 17, 2019

Types of Engineers in Malaysia

For those engineering students about to graduate, have you ever wondered what type of Engineers are there and which role suits you the most and you want to apply once you enter the working world?

Here are some examples that comes in mind. 
(*This might apply to civil engineering, electrical & mechanical, not sure about chemical, computer, IT, aerospace engineering etc.)

To make it general and easier to understand, let’s take an example of a project of 'Building a house.'

*p/s: This should be read with a pinch of salt.😼

What your Job title is
What you actually are
Project Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Monitor the project schedule,
when the house is going to be build, when the item to build the house should arrive,
2.      Chase design engineers for design/drawings to submit to customers,
3.      Entertain customers when they come for meetings, 
     Record minutes of meeting of the said meeting, 
     Order food for that particular meeting.
4.      Keep track on the financial aspect of the project – if customer pays RM100K for the house, best to make the cost of building the house way lesser, better if can squish more money from customer for variation orders, means if the customer wants to add more windows, charge more! 
      Heck if they want to add another screws, charge more!!

Basically you MANAGE stuffs.

QA/QC Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Check on item needed to build a house, 
       eg. check if the door knobs working, the plug points OK, if they’re not, send back to customer for replacement/refund etc.
2.      Also check on what other people is doing. Check whether the brick man’s laying enough brick, the wiremen wire stuff correctly and the measurement of the house is correct according to drawing, and if they’re not right, ask them to do it correctly.
3.      If all of these quality are not satisfactory, conduct a comprehensive meeting asking why they are not meeting the quality standard, and dig deep until everyone admit their mistake.
4.      Do yearly audit.

Basically HATED by many.

Design Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Design (or rather draw - not much of designing new stuffs, most of the time copying previos project’s design/drawings) of the house layout, house foundation, house wiring and other drawings.
2.      If the house design is new, they should study new solutions and come out with new design. 
      Should know product specs and all the international/local regulations and design standards.
3.      Prepare list of material needed to buy the house, how many kilos of cement, how many tonnes of brick, how much tiles, lighting equipment, to, cosmetics stuffs like house furniture, paint for the whole house, to spare stuffs, spare fans, spare air-cond, spare awnings etc. 
      If they overbuy or wrongly bought and item, QC will audit the hell out of them. PM will make noise of how they mess with the project’s budget.
4.      Although they design the built of the house, they might not know how to repair/service the house themselves. Unless they’ve been to training.
Perfect in Excel skills, and other softwares, because, they sit in front of the computer like 70% of their time.

Basically a glorified draughter, Also the scapegoat.

Service Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Service a house that already been occupied if there are problems, or needing to install new equipment or upgrade all equipment.
2.      THE person who do hands on and servicing on the item that designed by design engineer, checked by the QCs and managed by the PM.
3.      Knows all the technical thing about the house way better than the engineers who design it.

Basically the MAIN man, if there’s a miscalculation somewhere, they die first.

Testing Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Do testing after the house is built, whether the lights working, the faucets functioning, doors not squeaking, toilet bowl’s flushing etc, before testing it again with customer and ready to live in.
2.      Might have same level of knowledge as service engineer, since they do hands on.
3.      But didn’t involve in repairing the house, after they are completed.

Basically testers (internal). Risk of dying not as high as the service engineer.

Product Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Have a detail knowledge about a specific product. Eg. Product engineer for toilet stuffs will know detail spec on wash basin, bath tub, shower head, toilet bowl etc.
2.      Do marketing for all these products, training to customers, new product launch, etc.
3.      Answer customer queries on those products.
4.      Develop product catalogs
5.      Carry those heavy catalogs to marketing events.

Basically a Cuckoo/Coway/Avon promoter.

Sales Engineer
He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Sell windows, doors, toilet bowls, kitchen cabinet, whatever stuffs that makes a house.
2.      Persuade(force/blackmail) clients to build their house with you.
3.      Know some technical specs of the products just enough to sell them.
4.      Have great negotiation skills.
5.    $$$$$ oriented
6. Probably also the MAIN man, because if he didn't get a job, everybody else won't have a job.

Basically a Car salesmen, a prince charming and TALKS A LOT.

He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Help engineers draw stuffs.
2.      Have mad AutoCAD skills, can finish a drawing 3 times faster than engineers.

He/She/Apache Helicopter will,
1.      Print stuffs
2.      Google stuffs
3.      Make a report of how they print stuffs and google stuffs.

Basically office boy/girl.

Engineering Students
Basically babies.



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