Monday, May 23, 2011

A story

**Ini pun post lama, tersipan dalam draft. And quite a lenghty one too. Apa nak buat, I love to write, can't help it.=P

Here's a story that happened to a friend of mine just recently.., its kinda common, but when it happened around you, it makes your eyes open...

All these while she had been claiming that she knows exactly what in guys mind..whether or not he's into you or he's just fooling around and whatnot. She fully got the idea of the book 'He's Just Not That Into You' (the book, not the movie,big difference) and adapted the concept to Malaysian community. So when some guys came to her, she knows whether or not to go along or to walk away.

Few years later, she changed. No more social life. Her life revolves around campus, her room, and her laptop. No more car. She was damned to an utter boredom. Then came a guy. A highschool friend, first impression was bitter, she doesn't like his way of thinking. But since he's an old friend, she just went along with it.
'What harm can an old friend do to you?We grew up together'.She said.

Then the relationship grew, they became more than friend, but there's still no declaration what so ever. She felt that she can't see through his heart, their conversation always runs dry. She's a talker. She always have something to talk about, but with him, she runs out of ideas. Its like theres a big chunk of him inside that she failed to reach. She started to doubt, and sense insincerity. From her knowledge, they supposed to have a status at this stage. Usually, if she sense something fishy, she'll walk away. But this time, she ignored few rules already, she said she's bored, she needs him at the moment to cheer up her dull life.

She's not in love with the guy just yet, but she's happy with him. He bought  her things, pays for everything, said nice things, promise her things, give hopes, oh not to mention driving all the way to her place which is across a state almost weekly or whenever he feels like coming. She know she will not be talking about marriage for atleast few years, but at that moment she's loving the attention.  I can't believe she fall  for all of that. She knows all that stuffs.Why didn't she stopped?

After 3 months, things started to happens. He didn't call, text or even answering calls and texts. She knows all of it will come eventually, but she still tries and tries, until a week before exam, she forced herself to let go and concentrate on papers. She managed.

After almost 2 months with no words, the guy contacted her and says sorry, and begged her to hear his reasons. She was furious. She just can't accept people not answering phones. His hand better be broke into pieces or eaten by shark or something. But again, considering he's an old friend, and she doesn't want to ruin old relationship, she gave him chance to explain after 4 days.. 4days only she  give in, while the guy had vanished for 1month and 20days.

Funny thing is, he's sorry for not answering calls, is because he's been in a Bangladeshi forrest for the last two months. Build up some fancy factory things assigned by his company. He left his phone in Malaysia while rushing to packed things and the internet connection sucks.

I said..
'This guy has to be freaking kidding me........'

She started to think and do some digging.

Just keen to figure out how stupid a lie can be.

Without any difficulties, she found out that during the guy's missing period, he's engaged with his 'ex'girlfriend.

The one he used to tell her that he suspect having another guy behind him which she soon realize is just another sets of his lies... the girl might not even be his ex, they might still be a couple that have a little bit of rough patch when this guy came to her..

And she realized that she is 'the other girl'. The girl he's engaged with might as well had been cheated during few months the guy was with her before. The different is, the girl is 'the girlfriend', and my friend is obviously not.

She knew all of this  will happen. Or at least she knew he isn't sincere right from the start. She knew something was wrong. But she went along with it because she was BORED.

Like when you in a desperation of drowning in a river, you'll grab anything u see, no matter it's a dead wood, a thrash or even a crocodile, as long as you can keep on breathing for a while, even if breathing for a while means you'll not breath ever again..

She doesn't care who he'll be married to, her "give-a-fuck-o-meter indicates a solid negative 10." (quoted from

Point that she's been blabbering to me was, why did he do that? Why did he gave hope to somebody else when he already planned a future with somebody else. I said, Okey that one sounded so naive.
There's even people who could kill you for no reason out there.

Another point is trust, she trusted him as an old friend, even though they were not that close, but when you grow up with that person long enough in your teenage years, you can't help but to have some trust in them, some siblings bond, maybe a little if not much. She believes that the guy will not ruin that relationship no matter how, like she did.

But she's dead wrong. The guy doesn't even care.

Then she was wondering what the heck is the guy trying to prove when he's trying to explain the reason why he hasn't been replying calls. He's already engaged, what's the point of proving to her why he hasn't been calling?? Is he trying to rekindle everything back with her even after been engaged to another girl? What is he trying to do exactly?

And why of all the reasons there in the world,he picked the most pathetic most ridiculous reason there is to cover his doings? Bangladesh?? Like.. Really??
Come onnnnhhh...=__=

And does he think other people are stupid enough to believe it? Let alone to find out the truth? You don't even have to be a Genius to find out the truth. It took her about 30seconds. 30 seconds digging out the real story. What was he thinking?? She might look stupid to him, but he's the one who should be ashame of his stupidity out of all this. And that is even if he had this kind of thinking. If he doens't then he'll not be ashamed whatsoever. I'm not surprised if he's not.

Moral of the story are,
First, don't brag.:P
My friend have been bragging that she knows everything about guys, it's true, she knew, but she didn't want to follow what she knew instead she willingly drained her emotion by ignoring her thoughts. She did the damage to herself really.=P
But actually, not much damage I can tell. But her ego had been scratched anyways.

BUt hey, atleast she had stories to tell her children in the future.=P

I happened to always brag about myself rarely been sick. So as of today, I'll take back my word.=P

Second, there IS a hell lot of different types of people and way of thinking in this world. DON'T be surprise if someone you trust do something you didn't expect they'd do in a million years.

Third,you tell me..(^_^)


Redbloodsnow said...

baru aritu tunang zie belikan zie baju t-shirt malaysia. tp yg kaler hitam kuning. tp alih² kecik ler plak. terpaksa dia bg kat anak buah dia...haha

missnadira said...

la untung ank buah die..:P xpe pasni zie leh mntak lagi..hehehe


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