Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just another day

Hmm..apa nak buat eh harini.
Harini bermula dengan agak tidak best. Usaha untuk tak tdur pagi semalam sebab nak stream game AC Milan Arsenal. Mula-mula tu dapat lah. Sempat lah tengok pre kickoff diorang tengah lineup dengan jersey mustard. Sekali stream problem. Setengah jam  cari balik tak jumpa yang bagus. Tersekat-sekat, tau-tau saya pun tertidur..last score line sy tengok AC Milan 1- 0 Arsenal.

Saya bangun lambat pagi tadi dan terus check the result.


Sambung tidur balik.

Kecewa memang lah sebab sejak game lawan Sunderland malam Sabtu lepas I'm counting days to Thursday morning. I definitely don't think this is an easy game. It's the Italian giant. They have the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pato, El Sharawi. I remember at this stage last year Ibrahimovic scored against us when he's with Barcelona. If Mertesacker was there at least we got someone the same size to cover him but Per is injured and Wenger throw Gibbs in. Hmm.

And from the tweets, match reports and highlights, Arsenal had the worst game and Milan in reciprocal - is performing well.

But enough about that.

I got my offer letter yesterday. So I'm gonna do my internship somewhere in Shah Alam at the end of this month. Kinda sad actually cause I've to leave Cyberjaya. Sigh.

I love it here. It's quiet and calm. I've live here since my first year and this is already my second home. Sangat berat hati nak mulakan hidup baru in a new city. It's like starting a new relationship. Kena get familiar with the place all over again.

I've thought about just staying here and travel 45minutes pergi 45 minutes balik everyday. Ikut jalan belakang ke Puchong ni rasa macam dekat jugak. Tol pun dalam RM5 pegi balik. Duit minyak. Err.okay duit minyak problem sikit la.

So it's a dead end. Have to find a place in Shah Alam soon.

Takpelah maybe next time ada jodoh dengan Cyberjaya lagi.:)

For this time being, tak de apa-apa nak buat, I kill my time with marathon of The Walking Dead series.


Not suitable for kids lah. You know bloods and gores everywhere.

But memang best. You guys should watch it.

Yes. That's Dr. Sara Tancredi from Prison Break. 
One of the reason why I'm so keen to watch this.

Tak mau cerita sinopsis. Tengok sendiri. Okebai. (^_^)


EG said...

Takpe2, dekat Emorates boleh comeback. Tapi kesia kat Henry la kn. last game kan?

missnadira said...

haha..come on EG, u are SAF guy, kalau nak melompat-lompat kesukaan by all means, silakan..haha..

yup its not the end we all hope for Henry but he's done his best during his few weeks with Arsenal..nothings gonna change that..:P

EG said...

SAF guy pon respect team lain. Serius. =)

missnadira said...

wah really? bagus nyaaa..susah nak jumpa org macam ni..:P boleh geng ah camni...:P

EG said...

LOL, boleh2. For fun je pon bola ni.


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