Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa - Really??

I'm bored tonight so I turned on TV3.

I never watch the show before, to be honest, I rarely watch TV in campus. I watch them  only when I went home, when my mom isn't watching CSI or anything on Diva Channel, or my dad is not watching the news or us siblings didn't have anything else on Sports Channels to watch.=P

Okay back to this Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa,
I know about the show because one of the contestant Mafa is in it. She's an MMU student. She always involve in singing events here around campus. And she got quite a following in campus as well as in her Youtube channel. And when she joined the show, I think its about time.

Mafa in mustard blazer and Asmidar(middle) with another contestant.

Back to tonight show, Mafa is up against another contestant Asmidar. I know nothing about Asmidar. But from watching tonight show, Asmidar can sing and her voice is beautiful, but she is too common. She is the type we always see in local reality singing show. There's already plenty of female artist in Malaysia that are just like her.

Mafa is something different. She's a not a typical singer we usually see. She plays the guitar and I used to see her sing one of her own songs in one of the events in campus and her own song is very good. She has exceptional talent and I really thought at least the composer Azmeer or Erra will get her type of singing, but to my surprise they are not. All three judges are obviously rooting for Asmidar.

Even Faizal Tahir was rooting for Asmidar. Okay my interest in Faizal Tahir is declining for this time being.

I'll list out their songs tonight:

Round 1 - Contestant's choice
Asmidar - I missed her part
Mafa - Jangan Tinggal Daku P Ramlee
Judges rates: Asmidar 1 - Mafa 2

I think: Spot on.
She managed to sing P.Ramlee song and turned it into a jazz number, it's remarkable.

Round 2 - New songs
Asmidar - Ajai's ballad song
Mafa - Audi Mok's fast track
Judges rates: Asmidar 3 - Mafa 0

I think - Come on, we've heard this type of Ajai's song way too many times already. Audi Mok's song, is kinda catchy but that type of song requires you to hear it  few times before you like it.
Mafa was just unlucky on this round.

Round 3 - Battle round
Each contestant pick a song and challenge the other to sing the same song. And judges picks whos better at each song.
Asmidar - Laksamana something by M daud Kilau
Mafa - Hurt by Christina Aguilera
Judges rates: Asmidar 3 - Mafa 0 (the eff..??!!)

I think - Mafa sings the traditional song surprisingly well given her area of expertise, maybe not as good as Asmidar's but close. Asmidar on the other hand, is far far from singing Hurt as good as Mafa's, she made the song sounded different. I don't know what aspect the judges see. But after all, they're the 'expert' so, I got nothing more to say.

The big picture I see is, this tv show is for local crowd (I mean the same crowd who watch every other local reality singing show to be exact) and these voters love the type of singer like Asmidar. Mafa is not the singer local crowd normally liked.

I remember the first concert where she aced the Adele's Rolling in the Deep on the first show. That was brilliant.

Like a friend of mine said, Mafa doesn't need to win the competition like this, she just need the exposure. Once people know her, she'll have great opportunity awaits  her in the future.

And if I think about it again, I'm glad she didn't win. She's way better than just a competition. I wish her luck in her future.


EG said...

tak pernah layan. but nice entry.

Ayat ni style:
"She's way better than just a competition."


boboiboy said...

more prefer mafa than asmidar , there are many singer like asmidar outsde now, nothing special

qlah said...

tak sempatt tengok , huhu .

missnadira said...

EG: I wrong? :P
boboiboy: exactly what ive been saying..:)
qlah: xtengok pun xpe..there's always youtube..:P

Abg Stalker said...

tahu xpe.rasa terkilan la bila mafa x menang.kata je vokal bkn sekadar rupa.pdhal masing2 sume tgk mke jgk.

eva said...

uhuhu biasalah reality show mcm gini..

Anonymous said...

yup.. mafa was whom i was rootin' for.. but in the end inspite of the tagline.. bukan sekadar rupa.. they still went for looks.. and asmidar is not exactly someone outstanding.. mafa's diction singing in english was much better

missnadira said...

abg stalker: kan kan kannn..xpe la..i'm over it already..:P i know mafa will go far..:P

eva: itulah kan..siapa suruh saya tengok..hehe:P

missnadira said...

anon: exactly..still went for the so called "boleh jual" looks

and yes her diction was wayyy better..

but its least mafa got the much needed exposure..:)

Pakelole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MFRKHA said...

Hey, my sister told me about this entry that you made about me. You know what, I don't really know what to say, thank you so much for supporting me :) I really appreciate it so much.


missnadira said... probs sis, just wish m'sia got more talented singers rather than just same old stereotype we had since like a decade ago..:P


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