Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lookalikes: RVP and Ben Affleck?

I watched He's Just Not That Into You again earlier tonight.
I always thought Ben Affleck and Robin Van Persie have a slight resemblances that I can't quite point my finger at. 
But when I put their pictures side by side, they're not that alike. 
Is it the chin?
Or the nose?
Or maybe the similarities are just in certain angle, little movements or some facial expressions.
Tell me if you agree.


Abg Stalker said...

muka sy mcm aaron aziz.bole?hahahahh ;))

missnadira said...

wah really? nasib baik saya tak minat aaron aziz kalau tak saya yg stalk abg stalker..hahaha:P

eva said...

wohooo.. hensem2! hahah.. tp mata RVP lagi dalam kan.. super hot.. haha

missnadira said...

oh ye kan..mata tak should see his wife bouchra van persie..also superhot..:P

fahrin ahmad said...

ssh btol nk cr awek arsenal...oke, dh jumpe sini sorang bye

missnadira said...

haha..helo 'fahrin ahmad'..:P

eva said...

sudah ada wife??? xperlah.. xnak tgk konfom superhot gorgeous ehehe

missnadira said... eva..dia suda ade wifey and 2 gorgeous kids dina and shaqueel van persie..:P:P

eva said...

sudah ada anak? 2 anak? oh tidakkk.. ahhahaha

giler nama pun cantek.. jeles.. nanti eva ada anak nak bg nama ala roti dr france.. comel ckit dr anak RVP hahhaa..

missnadira said...

hahaha..macamana nama roti france??? susah nak panggil nanti eva.:P:P

LollyHatesMe™ said...



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