Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last exam ever

Draft exam schedule just came out seconds ago.
I'm not very pleased.
Transient Stability paper in on 13th Feb and Electrical Engineering Material is on the next day.
Given my current condition (no determination whatsoever in revising ) I'm considering  to drop Transient since I'm only repairing the subject. I NEED to concentrate on Material. Hmm..*deep thinking*

To drop or not to drop.

Last exam ever Dya. Last exam EVER.


Alkisah said...


eva said...

u can do it dear!

Joy said...

dont drop. start studying bitch! haha

missnadira said...

alkisah n eva: exam bukan skarang..bulan 2 nanti..hehe.but thanks!

joyce: hahaha..ini subject repair ja bah..but i've decided not to drop anyway..mo try jga la..hehe..and yess! I will start studying! now!:P:P

eva said...

ahahhaha.. lama lagi.. xperlah.. byk masa utk berfikir kan.. joli2 dulu hahaha

I.n.t.a.n said...

berusaha!!!!!!all the best!

missnadira said...

eva:hehe betul2..
intan:thankyouuu *hugs*


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