Thursday, December 22, 2011

BB Cream

Goal this month: Buy a BB Cream.

I'm not a very particular person when it comes to make up or facial care since luckily my skin does not give me too much problems. I spent way more time worrying about my hair since most of my problem came from my nasty unmanagable hair.*cries*

I'm a student so I rarely put any kind of foundation on because, well, I'm not be going anywhere accept for classes and.. no, just classes.

Let me list out the time when I put on make up in my whole life:

  • Going out with friends. (This depends, if I go anywhere far, then yes. If its just Alamanda, then  nope. It's a habit you know when it's the closest mall you go you'll not bother dressing up at all. =P)
  • Dance events with my traditional dance club. (I stopped dancing for almost 2 years.)
  • Castings and photoshoots. (I haven't been to any for over a year now)
  • When I worked part-time at Sinma Alamanda and as a hostess/waitress in Shangri-La Putrajaya. That time I wear makeup everyday and I felt pity for my skin. It felt very dry and pallid.
  • Hari Raya.
I previously use the infamous Miyami compact powder from Cosway because it's cheap easy. And also my mom is a Cosway member.:P

But now I feel like I want to spent a little more on BB cream, because as good as normal compact powder goes, it'll make your skin dry.

BB cream has everything all in one tube, foundation, moisturizer, concealer, sunblock. Well it depends on the brand but the whole idea is that it beautify and repairs your skin at the same time.

I've been wanting to buy one for quite sometimes actually but everytime I picked up one, my head'll say, 
"What for? You wont be wearing it regularly, don't waste your money."

Left: Etude House Precious BB Cream Minerals
Right: Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Cream
Bottom: Misha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

The Misha M is by far the most positively reviewed on the internet  but I don't think it's available in Malaysia at the moment.

But what the heck, I want one. Any suggestions?(^_^)


eva said...

hmmm sad.. sbb muka sy tak boleh pakai bb cream or any liquid foundation.. sbb muka berminyak..kalau pakai lagi berminyak.. skrg pakai ZA compact powder.. dah 2 tahun pakai.. tp kalai pegi event2 kene pakai jugak liquid.. hehe..

missnadira said...

aah..ade certain liquid foundation mmg buat muka lagi berminyak..ada jenis2 jugak..tu la dulu ingt nak try jugak ZA tapi asik tak berkesempatan..hehe..but i think bb cream okey kot eva..sbb dia xmacam liquid foundation, texture dia lagi light n halus..:)


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