Tuesday, October 04, 2011


List of TV Series in my waiting list

How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Prison Break (Yes I haven't watch Prison Break T_T)

List of Movies

The Original Star Wars Movies
Star Wars Prequel Movies

And a whole D Drive full of others.. Still figuring out which one to start first..


Anonymous said...

prison break and how i met your mother..i like to watch both of it..:)

missnadira said...

himym mmg best! tp sy blum tgk prison break..haha..rugi2..time cuti kna tgk dr first season..hahaa..:P

Zulfadly A.R. said...

Heyya, I've just stumbled thru ur blog, hv read some posts, aware that ur a huge arsenal fan, despised Rooney, haha, anyways me too hv watched HIMYM but have NOT watch Prison Break!!! So yeah that's it for today. Have a great day (or night, when this comment is published).
P.s: saje poyo pocoyo cakap omputeh, takde lah bagus sgt org melayu makan sambal belacan gak ;)

missnadira said...

hey zulfadly,

thanx for visiting.. mari kte tengok prison break beramai2..:P

haha kiut je pocoyo..
mane de poyo..ckp la base ape pun..if org xfhm google translate ade..:P:P

Zulfadly A.R. said...

Marilah! Saye rase sgt kerugian blum tgk lg prison break di usia lanjut sebegini ;p

Pocoyo mmg kiut, awk pun kiut... O x fhm google translate ade ye, bleh la post comment dlm bahse arab lak pasni ;p

P.s: bleh mintak fesbuk? ;p

missnadira said...

err acc fesbuk suda didelete dulu..sobs.

Zulfadly A.R. said...

ok soalan pertama: kam umruki? jawab jgn x jawab...
eh la awat delete...

missnadira said...

delete mcm2 sebab..

Zulfadly A.R. said...

Wah, bleh jwb! Ni google or jwb sndiri? ;)
Ish, so how do u keep in touch with friends klau xde fesbuk? Mesti ade something bad happen bcos of fb tu kan...

missnadira said...

the soalan itself is self explanatory...:P
hmm..bnyk care bole keep in touch kn.:)

Zulfadly A.R. said...

iz it? naa, must ade basic baru bleh jwb ;p
yeah i guess so... ok then, have a nice day! ;)

missnadira said...

umruki = umur hehe
aite u too hv a nice day:)


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