Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strictly football

Arsenal 6 - 0 SC Braga

I don't care 'It's just Braga' or whatever shit. I don't care if they won 60 - 0. It's the quality of the team last night that matters to me.

I found this quote that really what I had in mind about Cesc Fabregas this season.

"The man has never EVER had a hat-trick in his career and when the time came what does he do?
He passes it to the better option in a manner that makes the term unselfish seem totally inadequate.
What a player. What a captain. What a team."

I know Vela was great last night and he's rising - very fast, but I love Cesc even more. Even even more after last season. He made me all emotional during Barcelona match last season, and also few games after that, and he keep on showing his intelligence, pulling the strings, he thinks, he provides, he assists, he loves his team and gosh he have good heart that man. He's already an Arsenal legend for me wherever the hell he'll be next season.

me and a friend had a conversation about him,
Fab, please stay for 2 more season, win your CL and League, nurture Jack and then we'll let you go. We'll always honor you for what you've done.

P/S: I just realized, Chamakh do have legs! I thought he only have heads.


BenG said...

aaah la..sian nadira..
KC x der hal tu..

missnadira said...

hehe..thanks u..:P


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