Friday, July 18, 2008

At 'fingers' are complete again!

hahaha..guess whose line in what movie is dat? sape betul sy blanje aiskrim Moo..=P

eventho i've my keyboard back today, and excited to write evrything i can't during my no-keyboard-day, i still feel kurg rajin to type. So i K.I.S.S

  • Chelsea is coming to Malaysia this July 29th.
  • And i have midterm! Wonderful!
  • Last time when MUSE was in town i had a midterm too.. Can't say how much i LOVE the midterms!

  • intan pegi. abang die blanje tiket! mama knape sy xde abang?
  • today i korek2 my cpu, and manage to make it work again. (Don't ask why cus you don't wanna know)
  • Sbb CPU ni, tak pasal2 2 minggu sy kene amik course menaip pakai onscreen keyboard. Kalau ade final exam dah boleh dpt A+.
  • Sy chat dgn kawan lame sy Pae arini. Die baru grad dr UNISEL Shah Alam in Biotech and da stat keje da.
  • Shockingly she's getting engaged this August. Congrats Pae!
Nurul Faezah n me in 2004
Damn its been 4 years..

  • I still thinks 22 is quite young to get engaged.
  • Girls.. free your schedule on Aug 16th. We have engagement party to attend.hehe
  • Sy tgk Dark Knight smalam. and i loikee..

  • that Joker thing..was soooooo COOL

  • i love Joker. n ya of course Christian Bale too..:p

  • I slept a few minutes at the beginning.
  • But the duration is 2hours 40minutes, i can still sleep for 15minutes and didn't miss anything.
  • 1st time tgk kat IMAX
  • Supper makan nasik lemak kat Kg. Baru. what a guilty pleasure. so next week wajib puasa.
alrite thats all for the week..


shab said...

wooo..pae da nk bertunang da?ooo yela,die da grad kn?da keje pn kn?hehe..bagus2..die kasi permission ke ko copy paste yM! die kt sini?hahaha..
nnt 16/8 ek?ok ok..jom2 kite pi.

weh,kasi la id ym pae kt aku...

dya said...

ehehe..kene mintak permission ker? bende baik..watpe nak sorok2 kan aku da bagi aritu..die ade mintak id ko gak..nanti tggu je la die add eh..hehe aku da tgk dah 16hb sabtu..leh la kte gi..

I.n.t.a.n said...

aku cam takgi tgk chelc:(
abg aku de hal..pstu kunun nak pujuk bnje seat merah..
tp aku da patah ati dah..
seb bek die nak banje soping.
maka dengan itu abg aku tetap bes..hehe

dya said...

ahahaha..bek soping dari tgk bula ngan org xbess..ngahahahaha~ i vote for sopping!!!


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