Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Raya!

It's the 5th day of Raya and I've been back in Cyberjaya since yesterday. Hostel is so quiet I felt like I am Will Smith in 'I am Legend'. There's one or two cats wondering around my corridor so, I'm still in the real world. Thank God.

I've removed my Chatbox cuz I get too many spams lately, it kinda annoying when you get a nice comment but when you click the link its just an ad. If there's a real people out there who read this blog and want to say something just put it in the comment box. I'll very much appreciate it. =)

I managed to watch Arsenal match on 11th after a little confrontation with my brother when Chelsea's playing on the other channel. But at the end I got the remote since my 'baik hati hensem tough macam Didier Drogba dan juga pemurah' brother kasi chance heh heh.
"Ala, abang dah happy dapat baju seluar quicksilver dua tiga helai kasi can la lun happy tengok bola pulak.. jangan marah.I lap yu." 

So the night was awesome starting from the point Arteta scored an amazing shot towards Man U and help us expand the gap by two points, until the marvellous perfomance of 24-passes to goal starring Fabregas, Denilson, Song, and Rosicky featuring Koscielny, Eboue and Gibbs and presenting Carlos Vela. Ole~!

 And they know how to celebrate it too..

Arshavin scored hatrick in chances missed, Song and his hair scored 1000th Wenger's Arsenal's goals, Chamakh did it again with his head, seahorse like, Koscielny had his first Arsenal goal and he's beaming with excitement. The other great thing to watch was all 4 goals were assisted by Captain Cesc. Glad to see he's back in business.

Next is Braga match tomorrow, then Sunderland on 18th, Spurs on 21st, West Brom on 25th and Partizan on 28th.
Funny when I did nothing on my holiday last few weeks there's nothing to watch on TV but when I have to go back to campus for study week and my final exam is on 20,21,25.27,29 and 30th there's a lot of nice things to watch in between. What a temptation.=__=..

So takde apa lagi yang mahu ditulis. Saya ingin meminta maaf kalau ada tersalah tulis lalu terguris hati siapa2 di blog ni. Atau kawan2 di MMU, atau dimana2, if I've done wrong to any of you, saya minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. Doakan saya dapat jawab exam dengan gembira. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! =)

P/S: Mi kari mama saya sangat marvellous oh. Napalah saya kena balik awal.=__=

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