Saturday, September 04, 2010

WishNeed List

Happy Saturday!
Weird having a saturday without a football match at night.
Actually I have a few things to say in this post. But thanks to previous post I forgot everything and write something else instead. These are things I need the most at the moment.
  1. A bag/purse
  2. A new laptop/desktop. my old pc really hates me for some reason.
  3. A new handphone
  4. A in Power Electronics and Engineering Maths 3
  5. A haircut
  6. A few kilo loss
  7. A sister. Who I can borrow a nice heels from.
  8. A private jet or some sort. I hate going back to hometown with bus.
  9. A truck full of cash. Erm, nevermind the truck, just the cash.
  10. Arsenal won this seasons league. heheh.
So, I'll be back at my hometown later today. Apart from the cows and the chickens, I am one of the creature who are NOT looking forward to Hari Raya. At least not as much as I did when I was younger. Why? Because since few years back, I have to divide my attention to Raya with Final Exams. Yeah. Those two were really not meant to be spoke together in one sentence do they?

I was a bit gloomy just now, having to take the math quiz early and unwillingly. Suppose it was on Monday.
How surprising what a bunch of ridiculously attractive pictures of handbags can do to restore your happy hormones.(^_^)

Yesterday, I went to Analog and DigiComm class. It's the last class of the trimester and it was 9am in the morning.  I was kinda dizzy after spending the whole night scrolling on people's blog to get any last minutes updates on the EPL transfer window. Everybody's eyes were barely open an Mr Yusoff's voice sounded like a lullaby. He was explaining about the Huffman and Shannon-Fano coding when he suddenly asked how to implement those coding if the probability is not given. How to find the probability? With a decent graph, he explained

"Let's have an example, the amount of spending between top 4 EPL clubs." My eyes were wide open, so do some guys in front. Adjusting their chair. 
"Let's take ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal..and ManCity" I kinda like where this's going.
"Let's say ManU score 10 points for their spending" He sketches a line on his graph and continues, 
" Chelsea 30 points.." Adding another line.
" Arsenal... they're quite stingy so lets just put 5.." The quiet class suddenly roared with laughter. And I was like what the heck stingy? but kept on  listening.  
"Now Man City here.. scores 50.."
And the guys went "Yeahh...!!" I was like, what's with the yeahh? Everybody like MegaSale and Shopping Spree now??  =___=..
But I'm loving how the lecturer keep the student alert. Thanks to him I totally understand Huffman and Shannon Fano coding now. Otherwise I'd probably be dreaming the whole hour =P
And I thought he must be a Man U fan, or he's just an upset Gunner.
Really sir? Stingy? Hehehe.

So classes done, I'm away for Raya holiday.
Here's something you and I could do during the holiday
  1. Sleep early, wake up early.
  2. Help your mum. Change the curtains, clean the fridge, sweep the floor, clean the toilet, drain, pond etc. Be a good girl.=)
  3. Be nice to your dad. Give him help and don't ask anything in return. Or maybe ask a little bit for Duit Raya.
  4. Study. Exam is a week after Raya. If the kids bothering you, play dead. They won't bother you anymore.
  5. Service the car.There's a lot of open houses later on. And check the tyres, remember, you won't weigh the same during Raya. So does your friends.
  6. Bake cookies, give some to your relatives and neighbors. Again, *hint*hint*big angpow.
  7. Study.Don't let the kids tempt you to play fireworks.
  8. Don't eat too much during puasa month. You'll gonna need a full functional belly during Raya days.
  9. Go shopping. Buy clothes that are 1-2 size larger. Leave some space for your stomach to expand after that.
  10. Study
What you need to do after Raya.
  1. Now you can  play fireworks.
  2. Finish all the Raya cookies
  3. Count your Duit Raya.
  4. Go back to your campus as fast as you can.
  5. DIET

Have a little more packing to do before catching my 4pm bus. Means, have to break the fast on the bus. Wonder what am I gonna eat in there..

Oh I hate bus.

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