Saturday, September 04, 2010

Perkara yang boleh membatalkan puasa

"Hey neighbors! Sorry for the screaming... Don't worry..I'm okay... Nobody's trying to kill me or anything.."
"Just cant bare seeing the word 'Slingbag', 'Green' and 'FOSSIL' all in a close proximity..."

I was thinking to blog about a wishlist, not Raya wishlist, just things I want in general. Suddenly I found these when googling for Relic Purse that made me drool, scream and went nuts for a minute. 

  Sasha Top Zip Crossbody by Fossil RM280

 I don't know what is with me and GREEN objects.
Shrek, banana leaf.. toads..hmm

Ari Crossbody RM380

Oooh hooo my goodnesss...

Relic, St Tropez Crossbody RM239


what an eye candy


Relic clutch RM250
I think this clutch come straight from heaven.

 Relic Eye Candy Hologram RM169
Turqoise frenzy.
seems familiar? 
*cough*blog color*cough*

*still drooling*

Oh, ini bukan beg. Ini kasut.

Joyce must be thinking of mustard sauce on a hotdog if she sees this one.=D

 Hmm..hotdogs... I'm hungry all of the sudden. I wonder what's for sahur.

*drooling for the wrong reason*
So how do I get those?(the bags not the hotdogs)

Curi saku Doraemon?.

Go back home and bat my eyelashes to daddy?
.Not gonna happen.

God, please turn me into a princess for a moment, so I can buy 10 of these each, but don't forget to turn me back into me, bcos I have final exam on the 20th.

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