Sunday, August 22, 2010

on hiatus

Omg it's 22nd already? Final Exam is a month from now. That's it. Have to put everything that is NOT study related aside.

Bytheway, 6-0 last night. Hehe. I know it's something winning against Blackpool's 10 man and another thing against any other top 4 clubs. I was shouting at the telly when the ref took out his red card, I felt pity for the Pool now and frustrated cos the match will be too easy and no longer that much fun to watch after that but anyway, a win is always a win right?

Theo was very impressive, Little baby Jack too, (hope he won't get injured like little Pimpong did) Diaby manage to squeeze in a goal, Rosicky was great, Chamakh missed a lot of chances, Ramadhan's fatigue I guess. hahaha. but the header was remarkable. I started to grow on this Chamakh guy, no wonder Wenger has been eyeing him for 3 years now. He's kinda guy who always want to initiate and produce not just wait for the ball and strike. Arshavin missed a lot of Walcott's crosses but then again, his pace were a lot than Arshavin could handle, too fast and the timing isn't quite right, maybe. Our defenders doesn't have to do much really, Vermaelen just stood there mesmerized me with his amazing bone-structure (I mean..the face's..), and I guess Almunia just leaning on the post at the other end thinking about his future should Wenger bring in a new guy to replace him. Overall, I'm happy enough for another week.

So much for putting everything not study related aside eh. Okay I'm stopping now, will be back in a month time. Wish me luck guys!
I'll start revising right away.
or maybe after I watch the highlights =P

I like that Colin Murray guy on BBC's Match Of The Day, his slang is adorably funny.(^_^)


thenocturnalzulkhairi said...

yeah!!!once a gooner,always a gooner!

missnadira said...

yess..always! hehe..;)


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