Saturday, August 21, 2010

blood-sucking demons

Fancy title eh? Thought you'd like it.=P

Now that I know they preferred O-type blood person over the others, I surrender my case..NOT. My war with these sucklings isn't over. Since I can't change my blood type, I attempt a blood alteration procedures. Heh heh. Not literally. I took garlic oil. Oh yes. I somehow convinced with my roommates theory that garlic oil can make my blood stinks. So much to repel the mosquitoes. To my surprise, it kinda worked. Not 100% but I'd say if I attracted around 100 mozzies every night before, now I only got around 10 of them stone-cold suckers, I guess these 10 passed the electric mozzies repellent that I put beside my bed as well..damn hard core. Why wouldn't they just die?

Anyways, If you have any other idea how to repel these mosquitoes please let me know. I don't need anymore unflattering tatoos on my leg.

P/s: Sorry Intan. I jinxed your bed everynight so I can have a mozzie free good night sleep. Hehe.

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