Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Season 2010/2011

Yeay! Football is coming to my life again. Tonight will be the first Arsenal match this season, against Liverpool at 11pm local time. Double yeay!

Hmm.. what can I say..
Talking facts, Liverpool won only 3 times in 18 matches against Arsenal in EPL before. But talking unpredictable stuffs, Arsenal still don't have a solid defense and still don't have a solution for the keeper's issue.

 Here's a mystery kid,(wearing Dolce and Gabbana shirt..mind you)

Doesn't he seems VERY familiar to you?  

I hope Almunia will start, but to be fair, I wont be so hard on Fabianski. Of course he wants to be great and tried to be great, but things turn out to be bad for him. I'm sure he didn't purposely do stupid mistakes and let few goals in, or purposely tripped on Vermaelen ankle's and have no idea where's the ball's going. =D

He may not be good, but it's not a good thing to say it in front of his face over and over again 'You sucked.' I'd be morally down if I were on his shoe. Sure you don't like it either don't you? So, fair enough.
Okey he's terrible. Shush, lets find another keeper. That's it.

If Wenger about to buy a new keeper, I'd be glad if we have Shay Given instead of Fulham's Schwarzer. Still remember when Arsenal beat Fulham 4-0 in last match, sometimes, he tend to come out too far from the post and fail to save the ball and end up struggling back to the post when the striker pass over him and scored.
Sounds like Fabianski to me.=D

But it's seems like a long shot to have Given since Man ShittyCity wont let him go. So whoever the keeper is, as long as he plays for Arsenal, I'll support his ass. With both eyes. or just one.=P

Oh, about the mystery kid,

Meet Arshavin's little minion, Artem.
 Artem with lil sis Jana and mommy Julia.

Aite, gotta go, Liverpool Vs Arsenal tonight.Can't wait!


I.n.t.a.n said...

2 red cards
2 goals
fair isn't it

glory2 man utd!:)

missnadira said...

away at Anfiled, one point is always good.lalala~


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