Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sahara Tent

On Tuesday night, I met my friend Gaya for dinner. She said she wanted to treat me since she's already got her first salary. Yey to me! :P Then we catch up a lot of things since it's been a while since we met after she finish her FYP.
She brought me to this Arab place called Sahara Tent at Plaza Shah Alam.

I know nothing about Arab food. I'm not an adventurous people when it comes to food. Right now my favorite place/food is always mamak/maggi goreng. :P  So that night I'm trying new things. 

So the place was nice, very nice. The surrounding and decoration is 100% Middle Eastern theme. I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant since we were too busy catching up each other with our stories. So just the food. 

Kabsa Chicken

This is my dinner. Not too big of a portion so just nice so I dont feel too full. The chicken is very soft, rice is good and overall taste is well, quite tasty.

This is Gaya's.

She's a vegetarian, so she opt for this Roti and the gravvy. I forgot what is called.
I liked the roti, it's very soft. And the gravy is not bad either.

Falafel with margarine sauce

This falafel is, well I don't actually know what it is or what it's made of. Gaya said the taste is like wadeh. And I don't quite remember what is wadeh and how its taste like.:P

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup is a bit tasteless.

Miss Gayathrie

You can basically see the theme of the restaurant in this picture.

Most of the customers are group of people from a company that have their dinner meeting there and families. For those who love Arab foods you can try this restaurant. I recommend the Kabsa Chicken, or Bryani Chicken. They also have lamb, fish and other varieties of appetizers, deserts and pure fruit juice.

So out of 5 stars


eva said...

perghh nampak mcm sedap.. tapi 3 bintang jer.. ngeee

missnadira said...

sebab saya agak bias, tak berapa suka makanan arab..hehe:P

Papa-NtiQ said...

hi missnadira...kebetulan saya baru jer upload semalam gambar2 masa makan kat Sahara Tent ngan famili di cawangan Shah Alam.
Senang2 tu singgah la yer blog saya kat topik pasal makan makan dan makan 100% hehe...takde topik lain..
Kalu tak keberatan register la sebagai follower blog saya ok TQ TQ TQ bebanyak


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