Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm a Bird !

Last Thursday we've been assigned a new task for our National Dance subject. We have to perform for MMU Award 2oo7 on this 28th. This time the dance is far from traditional. The concept is contemporary fusion. From our syllabus it is some kind of the foreign influence in our local dance. Camtula..yang peliknya..each one of us had been given a character that we have to potray in our dance, an animal character to be specific. So like the title above..i'm a bird! We've to study the characteristic of the animal, understand it and translate into our movement..adoii...camne nk buat tu eh..the other girls ade yg dapat leopard, cat, snake, swan, stork, and camel. tu obviously mmglah sng gile..but i was thinking stork are better to suits with my character,
macam saye x? hehehe..
then i ask cikgu..
"can i switch with Iman? I want the stork.."

cikgu cakap
"No.i xnak kasi u yg dekat dgn your character, that would be easy lah..sbb kaki awk panjang sy terus bagi bangau.senang la keje awk nt ye..xde2..xchallenge camtu. i want something that mencabar for all of u."

hahaha..ala2 america's next top model pulak kan..okayla trime dengan suke hati..nasib baiklah xdapat camel..hihi..=)

I feel happy today because my attendance dah okay. I’m not in the barring list whatsoever anymore. betullah the list are not updated at that time. naseblah baik..hehe

satu lagi yg buat sy happy, sy sudah pun submit my EHM assignment smalam..sangat puas hati..yeayy..
Some interesting facts about the Highland Towers (my assignment topic), the developer- Highland Properties Sdn. Bhd. is owned by a sibling Yap Kim Yee and Yap Kim Seng. The Architect and The Engineer incharge of that tower is also a sibling, Wong Tin Sang and Wong Yuen Kean. And all of them- developer, architect and engineer are charged liable for negligence in that tragedy. Mesti mak2 dorang sedih kan..

Sambil sy mencari2 gambar2 burung yg sesuai with my character my search engine keluar kan bende2 ini pulak..

chimpbird with banana?


confuse dah ni..

ah sudahh...

apekah iniiii.....??!!!
saye pun surrender mencari burung...esok2 pulak sambung..=)


nooRaimanSuhairi said...

yay!!! stork eh bangau...iman puas fikir...iman tau flamingo atau heron atau egret je...flamingo cm lain mcm je kaler pink...hehehehe...thxxxxxx! nasib baik buka blog dya... :p

dyaz said... dengan ini merase gembire kerane telah membantu cik iman dalam pencarian bangaunye..=)

Anonymous said...

eh2..dr mane dya dpt tau bangau 2 stork?hee.. -chemchelabi-

dyaz said...

ntahla..jenuh mencari dictionary sampai ke batu pahat tu..hehehe~

Anonymous said...

dya cat susah tau tapi asal u x jd je burung2 yg u search tu hahaha...yana


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