Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Group Phase Is Over

Olympiacos 3 - 1 Arsenal
Karaiskaki Stadium, Athens
Champions League Group Phase: Group F

There goes 105 minutes of my sleeping time I'll never get back.T__T..

My thoughts exactly. The ball just cannot land on the boys feet for more than 3 seconds. It was like 2% possession to their 98%

Chamakh? Gosh!, seriously, I love him, but he's obviously 'reluctant' to score or even trying to score. Everytime the ball gets to him, he's doing everything except scoring it. I saw Modesto tried like thousand times I swear he'd score at some  point, and he sure did.

Vito Manone was awkward, he had no idea what to do half the time, and he makes other people at the back confused and as awkward. Everyone, even Verma.

Arshavin was nowhere to be found.

Frimpong was feisty, a little too feisty for his own good. He could've been redcarded.

Only Ox-se-layde (immitating little Theo here) was in control, but most of the time his effort are wasted by somebody else.

Hope Fabianski and Santos's injury are not serious. Such a waste losing players for these kind of matches.

I don't mind the losing really since Arsenal already manage to move on to the knockout stages (hee) but I just want to watch some freakin' good entertainment!!

Nevertheless, I felt for Olympiacos, they deserve to move on to the next stage but somekind of witchcraft happened in Germany, 2 goals in 2 very last minutes by Marseille makes them win 3-2 to Borussia Dortmund,

and outpassed Olympiacos to 2nd place in the group standing.

Now that, (Dortmund/Marseille game) is the match I NEED to see in highlights tomorrow. Must be epic!

Another quote from 7amkickoff,

Spot on! Hehehehehe..


Alkisah said...

2nd team arsenal.. nampak serba tak kena.. ke saja bagi chance

missnadira said...

kannn...2nd string ni masih belum bole stand alone lagi..kena integrate ngan first string..verma pun jadi kelam kabut main ngan dorg..


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