Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What am I doing with my life?

What are you doing with your life?

Go to school>Go to university>Get a job>Get married>Have kids>Buy a house

Then what?
What if someone didn't live according to that order?

Some say the most important is to find love.

Some say we should find money and security in our old days.

Some people my age are busy building a family, having kids, raising kids, saving for the kids future.

Some of them busy gathering wealth, they have aims to achieve, some are working hard to achieve successful business, a dream car, and some working and planning their future to achieve financial independence.

I'm still considering the way I'm gonna live my life.

I have no point here actually. Just thinking.

What if I don't want what other people want? 

Because these past few months, when I think of doing something I will question myself of the reasons. 
Like when I think of furthering my studies, I will ask myself, 'Why do you want to further your studies?'
When I want to buy a house 'Why do you want to buy a house?'

Most of it will answer something that have to do with my future.
Education is for better career in the future.
House is a saving method for the future.

All of what people do that I mentioned above, kids, dream car,business, everything is for the future.

The thing about future is, it is not definite.

Isn't there something that I can do for now? For the present?

I know I can do whatever the hell I want with my life, 

but what?

Hmm..*thinking cap on*


Khan said...

Live in the moment..Eyes open, No fear.

Khan said...

Live the moment, Eyes Open, No fear.


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