Saturday, July 19, 2014

What have our world gone into?

If MH370 have increase all the curiosity in me (since it's haven't been discovered and have absolutely no closure whatsoever) MH17 has rise all the anger and frustration in me towards the humanity. Few % of the humanity that for some reason have different sets of brain and heart than most of us (If they even have any).

These few weeks my social media updates have been all about Gaza's children who had died, their peaceful faces, piles of bodies, and then more faces, adults and children alike, fathers mourns for their sons, wifes mourns their husbands and children, houses and buildings burned, all in this holy month of Ramadhan.  As if it is not painful enough, I got a news from a friend who works in MAS about MH17. Few minutes later my colleague whatsaped the same thing. And I went on social media, it was already viral.

Then more videos of plane debris, bodies scattered everywhere, and stories of the demise.

Students, business associates, couples, families.. families..God please give me strength.

My heart breaks everytime I read about Tambi Jee's family. He was with his wife and four children coming back to Malaysia for good after staying in Kazakhstan for 3 years.

I believe there's also another family of 5 with their 3 children on that plane. 

And then couples with their newborn babies.....

The bombers,rebels,whatever who launches the missile must not be a human, cause they don't have a heart.
What has this world come into that such a human being can exist among us?

This is the kind of world we gonna raise and leave our children to live after we had gone?

God help us all.


To all the victims, in Gaza, MH370, MH17, wherever they are who has died in the hand of these heartless creatures..Al Fatihah...Semoga Allah merahmati kalian semua.

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