Monday, July 14, 2014

More of Interviews - Typical Questions Asked

Following my last post about interviews, here are some others of paper tests questions I can share to fresh grads who are interviewing for engineering posts.

Like I mentioned in that post, Kirchoff's current law is a very common questions to be asked.
Easiest way to answer is : Current entering the junction = Current leaving the junction.
Doodle some current going in and out from a junction there as well.
And then just basic calculation.

Another interesting questions are Logical thinking questions.

There are 3 table lamps in a room.
The control switches was located outside the room where eyesight to the bulb is blocked. 
You are given a task to identify which switches control which lamps.
Bear in mind that you are only allowed switching two times, and by the time you enter the room you should be able to resolve the problem. Explain how you do that.

Quite simple right? Right? go figure.

My company's paper test asked about transformer winding calculation but I didn't managed to get my hand on that. So If I do I will show it here. Good Luck.


Kabir Mand said...

So this is your so-called 5th interview kann from your previous blog post? hehe...

nadiradyaa said...

So u have blog too? Damn u're everywhere.haha


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