Monday, June 09, 2014

What do I do

If I haven't mentioned earlier I'm currently doing design for Low Voltage Switchboard. 
So basically, we got general spec and requirement from customer and their single line diagram, like this one. 

And from there, I will translate into how big the panel would be.


And after approve, we will come out with the schematic diagram and general arrangement drawing and our own single line diagram incorporating any deviation that have been agreed beforehand with the customers.

So from here we realize the drawing and give them to the production side for assembly and wiring.

This is one of the panel that are almost done in the factory.
But in between the drawings and the panel to look like this, there are but*load of stuffs needed to be done, tested, redo etc etc etc.
So yah. It was great.heh.

That's basically what I do. Still a lot to learn. 
But I admit its really interesting I mean if you really into this field of work. So ya, till next post :)

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