Saturday, June 14, 2014

Story about money

After 2 years working as an Engineer, 2 years of throwing away my money to shopping malls and God knows where, I finally decided to think about the future and do something worthwhile with my money.

The first year I've always said to myself, 
'Argh I don't want to save anything yet. I just want to spend my money buying all the things I never got to buy or do things/go places that I never got to do/go during my study years.'

By second year I already started thinking about houses. How do I buy a house? Or do I buy a car first? So I start googling how do I buy houses. Then I figure out that buying houses needs a lot of cash. And to have cash you need to have savings. I think, ok maybe I can start saving now. And do more research about property hunting and everything.
(Mostly all those info I get from Blog Ariff.)

From there I don't only learn about property, but also other means of investment. Everything that leads towards achieving financial independence.

So from there I did a lot of research on my own, reading books, going to seminars or exhibitions and by now I already stopped shopping mindlessly, and create some saving/investment portfolios.

I know our parents already thought us to save since we're in primary school but actually the key is your own consciousness. Normally people, specifically me, I will follow orders/advice with reasoning. Like why they don't let us smoke, why they don't let us do drugs, why can't you do this do that, everything must have a valid reason. Not just plain don't. Normally if I don't see a valid reason, I won't follow the advice until I realize the reason on my own.

So when my parents ask me to save money during that time, I don't see the point. 
Only now I see the point. Haha

But I don't regret the money I spent when I look in my closet full of clothes and car boot full of shoes.
I think its totally just.
From teenager until my uni years, I don't get to spent as freely as my peer did, I don't get a motorcycle/car, a handphone, branded clothing or even a Converse. (I did manage to get my first Converse by doing some modelling job last time) Plus studying in a private uni with all the rich and stylish kids doesn't make it any easier.

So during my working years, I totally befriend the nearest shopping mall and spent every dollar I have buying stuffs I want. I don't even give a penny to my parents on the first year.True story.

Like every temporary interest, it will gradually decline and the way I look at clothing boutique has change now. I no longer have the desire to go inside everytime I go to malls. I started giving to my parents.
And get serious in saving. Macam dah bertaubat lah kiranya ni.=P

Now I already have savings in fixed deposit account, Tabung Haji, ASB, unit trust, insurance saving, (still considering on PRS though) and on the process to buy my first house.(Pray for me!)

Car? not now. Not until few other years maybe. I will stick to my Kancil as long as it can serve me.

So I advice youngsters, I wont advice you to start saving, instead I want to advice you to find the 'kesedaran' to start saving early. 
Imagine if you save from young age, maybe by the time you finish uni, in your very first job you can straight away buy your first house already.

But people my age or even older, there's always time to start saving. Better late then never right guys?
There's a lot of books and even seminars on investment matter. Plus its a Google era, everything's on the internet now. Nak tak nak je kan.:)

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