Sunday, June 08, 2014

Raya Project: Room Revamp

This is like a loooong ongoing project that never completed and my mom has been complaining ever since because I haven't finish this for a year now. Haha. I will do my best to complete it before this coming Raya.

My parent's room was initially upstairs, mine is exactly below them downstairs. But they've been complaining about having to climb the stairs every now and then, their knees hurt and everything. And mom has been keeping all her clothes in my room since I'm always in Cyberjaya. So when I went back 2 days ago, all my stuffs are already upstairs.

I don't really mind where I sleep, I like it better anyway to have upstairs bedroom but one thing that hurts my eyes is the color. It's orange. And mom likes red so she threw some red bedsheet and carpets and everything. So orange and red. 'nice' combination. Very 'soothing'

And I've been wanting to decorate my room since I was in primary school. But mom didn't let me paint or make any permanent changes like nailing or gluing things on the wall since all of our houses previously was government quarters. So when we got our own house 3 years ago, I had my chance. but at the time I'm staying in Cyber, so no point decorating it if I wasn't even there all the time.

So this is like the perfect time, I've been thinking some theme colors and what to put in, what to take out, I went to hardware store but I couldn't find the colors I wanted for my wall there, so I started with my bed first.

The bed is actually the bed my parents bought for their wedding, so they're almost the same age with me. I've decided to paint it white.

And then I move to the balcony door. From orange, I changed it to white.And I plan to color the wall light pink.

My mom's sewing machine is still there.:D

The outcome 1

The outcome 2

And this is the orange featured wall that I've changed to dark brown. A lot of people does not agree with this combination but I have plans in mind so yeah, this is the latest progress.
Might need to put some more brown layers since the orange is still overpowering the brown.

So hopefully I will be on track and finish everything before Raya.
Till next post.:)


Mr.Superman said...

da hbs ke blm projet ngecat ni. haha

nadiradyaa said...

belum.hahahaha.banyak betul alias abg stalker ni ek.hehe


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