Thursday, June 05, 2014

Vertical Horizon LIVE in KL

It's been a while I haven't been to a concert/showcase.
So last Tuesday I went to Vertical Horizon's concert. Well they haven't had a boom song since the past like what 10 years? Hence the small venue and the cheap tix.

What made the show interesting is the lead singe Matt Scannel was a great entertainer.
He always had something funny to say in between songs. And the crowd is not so massive which is not really a good thing for the organizer but a good thing for me since I can enjoy the concert without having to brush other people's shoulder everytime a took a step. And you can still feel the aircond. It's a little hard being a person who hates crowd and sweat but still want to go to concerts.heh.

So good environment. Checked. Good songs. Checked. Good entertainer. Checked.Checked.:)

I liked it because they allow the fans to sing a whole verse of the chorus and then they start singing it back from the start.
Some artist just let the fans sing their popular song from start and they just sing tiny bit of it, well we don't pay ticket to hear ourself singing rite? So yea glad they didn't do that. Haha

By the end they perform their 3 hits songs Best I Ever Had, Everything You Want and after teasingly ending the concert by running to the back stage abruptly, they came back and finish it off with You're A God.

When the crowd start singing 'So you sailed away...' in unison, I immediately flew back to my younger years - good part of it. Don't have specific memories but just the feeling made me..well happy.(^_^)

Opening act by OAG - also quite entertaining. You know Radhi being well, Radhi. Hehe. By the time they end their segment with 60's TV, everybody went crazy.


So I got a tag and a T-Shirt and I continue life as usual the next day. Hehe

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