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My KK Trip - Sapi Island

*continued from previous post

Saturday morning was so beautiful I plan to NOT do anything. I just stay on the bed, enjoying my own sweet time watching Barbie on TV and plan stuffs for tomorrow. 

I went for a late lunch at Tanjung Aru beach after that and just walk around there and wait for the sunset. At least that's the plan.

Tanjung Aru Beach

You can just walk along Tanjung Aru Beach until you reach Shangrila Tanjung Aru.

Unfortunately for me, when I had my lunch at around 4pm it started to rain heavily until 7pm. 
I was stranded in the cafeteria for like 3 hours.

Later that night, to compensate the not so lucky event, the Joyce of it all belanja me seafood at KK town. Yeay! 

Thanks Joyce! Please belanja again! Hehe. 

So on my last day I plan to go to Sapi Island.
Sunday morning after breakfast around 7am I checked out from the hotel and went straight to Jetty. I managed to get a ticket to Sapi Island around 9am. I already brought some food along since I'm planning to stay there until 3/4pm.

Sunday is different. The jetty was swarmed with people, so I have to wait longer for the boat. But the weather was good. So I just wait. 

And Sapi beach/water is way better than Manukan. Its all blue and green and turquoise here. Sapi was way smaller too. And more people than Manukan on Friday. But mostly because it's weekend.

People are allowed to camp here so you can see a large group of people doing activities and barbecuing on the beach.

Also, diving courses are conducted here as well, so you can see a lot of divers on the shores along with other day trippers. A bit too many people for my liking but I still can find my own spot at the end of the beach far from the crowded area.

Once I arrived at Sapi, the boat driver showed me some activities I can do there. Maybe because they see I'm on my own so they suggested me stuffs to do so I'll not be bored lol. I'm not looking for parasailing here as well so they suggested zip-line flying to me. I don't understand what it is at first but after they show me the zip-line from Gaya to Sapi Island, I agreed straight away.

I knew you can walk from Sapi to Gaya on low tides frpom my internet research, but I dont know they have zip-line as well. Haven't stumble upon it on the internet before.

It costs RM50 but I don't bring enough cash. So I just gave them RM43. Hehe. I literally just bring my IC and couple of 10RM notes in pants pocket, couple more in bag pockets, couple of  1RM here and there when I knew there'll be no lockers to keep your belongings on the island. 

And then there'll be a boat to take you from Sapi to Gaya. It's just opposite Sapi, it was like less than 3 minutes boat ride.

Gaya Island is actually the biggest Island in the area. This is one side of it.

After they put a harness on me I need to climb this stairs up to the station. Only like 1 minute climb. But I was super exhausted. Damn I don't have anything called stamina in my body.:D

So thats Sapi looking from the Gaya zip-line station. 

It was a fairly short route, but I'm lovin it!

When I arrived at Sapi platform I didn't manage to grab the other end of the staff rope that's waiting for me on the platform, so I was pulled away from the platform. So while waiting for the staff to come and rescue me, hanging there doing nothing, I snap other picture. :)

This is Gaya Island taken from Sapi Island platform. 
(well, I'm still on the rope,not on the platform yet)

I accidentally snap my rescuer's pic on the way. heh.

After zipline, I went to find my spot at the end of the beach.

A little info, Sunplay 130SPF doesn't really do wonders on me. I might not have severe sunburn but I'm one tone darker now especially my arms. *cries*

So after that is just more snorkelling, laying on the beach, reading novel, eating my lunch, snorkelling again until 4pm. 

Snorkelling here is a bit challenging because the first time I went into the waters, the tide is residing, so a lot of people accidentally kicked or bump into the corals and got cut. So the lifeguards closed the common area and only open the deeper water areas. They segregate the areas by rope buoys. So people who doesn't know how to swim didn't go there.

I want to go because I'm still not satisfied with what I see just yet. So after lunch I went by my own to the deeper area but this time the wind is rising, so not being able to swim, I got swooshed easily by the wind to the end of the rope. Damn frustrating. I also got bitten by a fish on my leg because I was standing on a sand i thought its clear but turns out near to the coral/fish house. So the fishes thought i was threatening their home. I saw few others got bitten too but too late to warn them. Hehe.
  So I went back to the beach and got offered by a lifeguard to guide me to the deeper waters.

And then only I get to see what I want. The lifeguard even bring me to the place where the diving courses took place. No wonder they do diving courses here in Sapi. More variety of corals and fishes. Damn satisfying. It's really are sea garden down there, and they are way more than in Manukan. I cannot explain with words or picture*cries* so u have to just go and see it.

Later around 4, I shower and changed, catch a boat to the jetty and went straight to airport to catch my 650pm flight.

This was actually my plan for day 2 and 3 few weeks before my trip.


I didn't go to Prince Phillip Park. 
I didn't get to watch sunset.
I knew the Kindawan Horse ride hasn't been operating for few years now.
I didn't go to Pasar Pagi.
Didn't go jalan2 KK.
And definitely didn't go to Lok Kawi.

But my visit to these two Islands have been more than I could ask for. 
Time to search for next destination. 

OK that's all for now.Till next  time.! (^_^)

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