Thursday, August 09, 2012

Game of Thrones

Last weekend, I did not do anything productive. Duduk je dalam bilik tak keluar keluar.
Balik-balik ulang Game of Thrones. Tapi first novel tak jugak habis-habis baca.

**Warning: Those who already read the second novel onwards please DO NOT spoil anything here okey.=P

I want to share some of the supporting characters that I liked. Aside from the main characters of course. The series have a lot of characters. It doesn't have a particular heroes or heroins, everybody have a story of their own.

I had a feeling that Shae is somebody or somebody's daughter.
 Because the maker makes her character seems important. And because she have this fighter spirit that build up through her relationship with Tyrion and also Sansa.

Notable quote:
to Tyrion
"I will not let them hurt you, I will cut off their faces"
to Sansa
"They have every reason to hate you, your horse eats better than his children"

Lady Catelyn Stark

A mother of 5 children, the queen of Winterfell, a leader, a widower and a strong women.
She leads her children and her people in avenging her husband's untimely death.

Notable quote: 
to her son after her husband was beheaded.
"we have to get the girls back..... and then we will kill them all"

The Hound

A killer with a secret fear with fire that shows he did have a soft heart after all.
Or not. The Hound is an unpredictable character, but I'm confident he's NOT one of the bad guys.

Notable quote: 
To Tyrion during Stannis attack
"Fuck the Kingsguard, fuck the city, fuck the King"


Tyrion's right hand man. As witty and sarcastic as The Imp but as strong as The Hound.
 He did not appear at the end of the last episode of season 2. I wish they didn't kill off his character, he's one of the interesting one.=P

Notable quote: 
of taking down the Vale:
"Give me 10 good men and some climbing spike, I'll impregnate the bitch"
of ways to protect the city under siege:
"We could throw books at them"
of defending Tyrion
"What the hell, I'll stand for the dwarf"


I believe his character is yet to bloom. There'll be more of him and his relationship with Arya in the future season. He's the rightful heir to the throne, but others didn't now he's existence just yet. Would be very interesting to watch if they did realize soon.

Notable quote:
His coversation with Arya

Gendry: So you’re a highborn then. You’re a lady!
Arya: No! I mean, yes. My mother was a lady, and my sister, but - 
Gendry: You’re a lords daughter and you lived in a castle and…all that about cocks I should never have said that… And I’ve been pissing in front of you and everything. I should be calling you milady. 
Arya: Do NOT call me “milady”!
Gendry: As milady commands. 
Arya: *Shoves Gendry*
Gendry: That wasn't lady like.*giggles*

Ser Jorah Mormont

Among all the men in GOT, I like Ser Jorah the most.
He's the epitome of a guy that every independent girl need. 
Older, wiser, advisor and a protector. Daenaerys need him to survive, that's for sure. 

Notable quote:
To Daenaerys
"Until my last breath I will remember. After I have forgotten my mother's face."

I just hope that the maker wont kill of f so many character, adding up the new one is good but some of these characters already have fans on their own so it wont be as good if they did that.

Season 3 will start on March 2013 sadly.

Still half a year to go, so I might be able to finish reading all 5 novels but then I decided not to.
Because after Harry Potter, I've decided that it is better to watch the TV series first,
and THEN read the novels
Because novels complete the holes that TV can't cover,
 and the fact that novels is always better than their TV version.
Reading the novels first would just kill the fun of waiting new episodes every week. =P

Those who love old dynasty fantasy with wars and kingdoms and such, you should watch this.
From family conflict to politics, sorcery, direwolves, dragons, zombies,  the series have it all.

But definitely NOT suitable for under 18.
So don't go and ask your 10 year old brother/sister to watch along.
Don't ruin their childhood.
Let them stick with Ben10 and Kim Possible for few more years.


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sedap ke cerita nie, kat HBO selalu je tunjuk, tapi alkisah tak pernah layan..

missnadira said...

Oh ade ek kat HBO? Boleh la lepas ni pasang HBO kat rumah.:P Selalu saya download je.

Bagi saya best lah..Taktau la Alkisah punye taste mcmane..try la tgk dulu.:P

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