Sunday, August 05, 2012

Jobs Central 'We Pay You RM500' Campaign

Guess what, I got paid RM500 from Jobs Central!

Simple, last time masa saya nak cari kerja, I search through Jobscentral website, and when I got hired, they pay me RM500. Easy.(^_^)

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Campaign start dari 1st April - 31st December 2012,
so adik-adik student (cewah adik-adik lah kan sekarang:P) siapa-siapa yang nak cari tempart intern or nak cari kerja, or yang bukan student, and currently looking for another job, register lah dekat Jobscentral.
Sebab every month diorang akan pilih 5 orang yang berjaya dapat kerja through their website and reward them 500 bucks. =P

You get hired, and then you get paid for getting hired.
It's like icing on a cake and sprinkle on ice cream.:P

Macam saya haritu, beberapa minggu after start kerja, saya dapat call and they told me I'm one of the winners. So saya kena pergi ambik check on 1st August dekat office diorang di Seri Kembangan.

But at the end of July they called again cakap check dah ready.
So after kerja terus pergi SK amik check.Yeay.
Plan nak amik gambar check tu. Tapi sebab laju sangat cash kan, terus terlupa.:P:P

So ape lagi, register dekat Jobscentral and apply for job, who knows it might be your lucky day.
Macam saya.=P

For more info and register sila pergi ke


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