Thursday, July 08, 2010

of Arsenal news and WC semi

The new season will start on 15 August when Arsenal plays Liverpool at Anfield.
And Marouane Chamakh has started his first training session with his new team mates..

I've read about few transfer rumors on official website.But these are the few that caught my attention.

German stars Mesut Ozil
(Ozil's great but haven't we had enough good midfielders already? If Fab still around next season I don't think Arsenal in desperate need of another midfielders.)
Portugal keeper Eduardo 
(Erm,I really adore Portugal's keeper, like previous Portugal keeper Ricardo.but, noope!)
Centre back Per Mertesacker 
(Yes, Please. Yes Please. Grab Tasci as well if you want.He's young too.=P)
Joe Cole 
(No,No. he had Chelsea written all over his forehead)
France Gourcuff 
(Why not. He's done great with France though this WC ,despite of France underachieving performance. Besides, Chamakh will be happy to have his Bordeaux teammate around.)
Defender Laurent Koscielny
(I think his transfer to Arsenal is almost complete already)
Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer
(I dunno, maybe, maybe not)
Italy's Gianluigi Buffon
(Noo noo.absolute No.Gigi Buffon's undeniably great. Super great. He's Mr Awesome goalie and all, but he's like what, forty? I'm getting used of Arsenals young groups so having him around is like totally opposite  from the team that AW currently having. Besides to be honest, I still have faith in Almunia regardless of his issues and what not. I still want to see him play or there's always few trained youngsters on the Youth team to be Arsenal goalie. At least they're Arsenal 'DNA'.)

Or just forget about all this, I may not know what I'm talking about.=_=..

Now of other things, I kinda like the new away kit. 

Lot better than the new home kit. It's too traditional for my liking. I prefer the previous home kit.=P

                            new home kit                                   previous one

Okey enough about the kit. Move on to World Cup semi tonight. 
Germany vs Spain. 
I don't know mannnn. Though call. Of all the fuss about Barca and Arsenal, I felt lesser and lesser towards Spain. So if Fab plays tonight, I'll put a little hope for Spain to win. If Fab's not on the pitch, I'll definitely root for Germany!. hahaha... 
Besides, The Neds and Germans on the final would be yummy!.

Okey, I promise myself to finish my Engine Maths tutorials before match tonight. Therefore, I'm doing it now. At this very instance. Till then.Toodles~

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