Sunday, July 04, 2010

Germany Vs Spain

Before that, I just came back from the TV room for Spain vs Paraguay match which was somewhat frustrating on the first half but come alive on the second half. I have 3 things to say:
  • Cassilas save was a screamer. Fabulous save. The Paraguay guy cried at the end of the game. But hey, it's okey man, it's not your fault. The keeper was the best keeper in the whole entire universe. (Okay I'm exaggerating)
  • Alonso's penalty retaken was bogus.And Fabregas was fouled by the goalkeeper. Ref should've given another penalty for that.
  • It's good to see Fab again on the pitch. All shaved. No more manly beard.
Back to Semi Finals between Germany and Spain this Tuesday
The German celebrates after crushing Argentina 4-0.


Villa is like the sole scorer for Spain on this WC. 
Pic: Spain won 1-0 against Paraguay.

As much as I want Spain to win, I'll say their chance is only 30%. Spain games were always frustrating from the start. With Torres hasn't found his touch just yet, lots of waste chances and little or no Fabregas. Seriously I think this Fabregas, Arsenal-Barcelona issue is too much. Get over it already. Cesc have great season on the Premier League and he just get 5 to 10 minutes playing for his own country? What a nonsense.
I reallly hate Del Bosque if he didn't put Fabregas in and replace Torres in the match against Paraguay just now.

The Germans on the other hand, played an exciting games right from the start. They have pace, they have control and beautiful finishes. They're the clear favorites handsdown. With Klose still eyeing the top scoring chart, not forgetting Ozil, Podolski, playmaker Schweinsteiger, defenders like Lahm and Mertersacker. If Spain keep on playing like they did before, they'll be slaughtered for sure.

I really don't know which team to root for. But in terms of game playing. I pick the Germans.

But then again, anything can happen in football.

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