Saturday, December 27, 2008

Assignment submitted!

This morning I woke up with a happy face after 2 sleepless nights. I thought I'd sleep until noon but I woke up at 10am. I feel my head, no dizziness- signs that I've enough sleep. So I rolled over on my bed berangan and thinking of what to do today before start preparing for final exam tomorrow. I decided to blog. So after doing my laundry and have lunch with Azu, I switched on Jen's pc to do what I planned.

Honestly, I'm satisfied with my presentation yesterday's morning. Luckily Mrs. Normiza was in good mood that day. She didn't bombard us with questions. She just pointed out little things that we overlooked. Basically the assignment was about a transmission system in a city. We, as a planning engineer for an electric company have to identify several contingency violations and problems that caused it and make few recommendations for the best transmission system addition so that no more violations occur complete with the cost for the system that we recommended.
That was the first part, the second part is all about ensuring the transmission line and the transformer's circuit breaker ratings are sufficient to interrupt the fault current due to any type of fault. 3 phase fault, line to ground fault, line to line fault or double line to ground fault.

For this assignment we use Power World Simulator software which of course we're not familiar with at first. Even the assignment itself we have no idea what it is all about. I really want to start the assignment earlier so we can identify the problems earlier and clear any doubts with the lecturer since I already knew the lecturer herself was quite strict but this short sem, with labs midterm and all plus Mahendra's tutorial to submit, we only managed to start a week before the presentation day. We have to do the tutorial in a group of three. So all 5 of us, Me, Gaya, Azu Joyce and Net had planned to work on it together and divide in 2 groups. Gaya,Net and Joyce, Me and Azu and we pull Hadi in since he doesn't have any group yet.
For the presentation we were divided to two sessions. Some of the group was lucky they have to present it to Mr.Naeem which a lot less stress while both of our group have to present with Mrs.Normiza. With her, every detail has to be taken care of.

At first the problem was to understand the question itself before second problem which is familiarizing with the software. It's quite hard because most of the seniors have already forgotten the assignment which they did last year. But we managed to do it with Mr Naeem's guides and also after consulting Mrs Normiza and the help from the groups who had presented to Mr Naeem 3 days earlier. But we're not satisfied with their explanation because it was too simple. We knew it because with Mr Naeem, little things can be skipped. But that’s not the case with Mrs. Normiza. So we ended up come with our own solutions that differ from most of the groups. Both for case 1 and case two.

The initial problem

The violations

our lowest cost recommendation

Tadaaa...!! Zero violations!

Hadi's handwriting.
Before we asked him to rewrite everything before the presentation.

The presentation went less troublesome than I expected. Like I said, she just pointed out few things that we missed. Not asking the significance of doing this and that. 15 minutes went so fast compared to few days of struggling doing the assignment. And all three of us were so relieved. One huge burden had gone. But we still have Mahendra's tutorial to submit on that evening. So again, we camped at the library. Joyce Gaya and Net joined us later on after their presentation. Azu and Net had submitted earlier since they were going home for holiday while me, Gaya and Joyce stayed until 9pm at the library before submitting the tutorial to Mahendra's office.

That's the time when we can really2 feel sooo relieved and exhausted at the same time. After Gaya went home, me and Joyce decided to have carbonara for our dinner since we're extremely hungry. And carbonara never tastes so good. =P=P We even have rooms for roasted chicken black pepper after that. Which later on make my stomach aches. Assignments and all really make us fat. After loaded we both go home. I decided to have a shower first but fall asleep with towel on. It's already 4am when I woke up and continued what I supposed to do earlier. I went back to bed after Subuh. Today is blogging day, Sunday the work starts again.

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