Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Barbie Movieee

I never had the chance to watch it since I have no pc. But I've watched diamond castle. It was so nice.

There's still part of me that wants barbie as a birthday present, or part of me that plan when I have my own salary, I want to have all barbie collections. Hehe. Because I am the only girl in 4 siblings, so a barbie is not an option when our parents want to buy us something. I once got a barbie as a present from my dad's foster family from Japan. But when you have brothers, you either got teased by them or they wont play along with you if you're playing with dolls. And I don't have girl cousins of my age so I played barbie alone for few weeks and left them under my bed before joining my brothers with their Hotweels, Dash Yankuro or playing roller blades and bikes. Now that I've grown up, I dont care, I will get those dolls no matter what. =P=P

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