Saturday, December 27, 2008

my life's update

I particularly love this semester for 2 reasons.
  1. First, this semester we dig deeper into our major.
  2. Secondly, I have girlfriends!
For the first reason, both subjects we took this semester, Power System Analysis and Power Transmission are everything about Electrical majoring. For the first time in MMU, i felt like I'm really studying to be an engineer. We exactly know why we learn that subjects for.

Second reason, because both subjects subjects are electrical major, the girls in our batch Me,Gaya, Azu, Net and Joyce are suddenly bonded and we pretty much go everywhere together and spent a lot of time together doing lab reports,tutorials and assignments. Since the number of electrical students this batch is just around 30 something, the formation of five of us are quite noticeable.
I don't know about them but for me. It really improve me a lot, psychologically and academic wise. Its been so long since i have a group of girl friends. I had them last when I'm in standard 5 and 6. So its been 10 years! I'm so grateful. I'm suddenly thrilled again to go to class everyday and finished this whole thing with good grades.

Really at some point I felt fed up studying when the tense of assignments and exams kicked in, or in horrible PMS days.. even worst if i failed some papers. All I can think was to just finished the whole thing fast without even care what my grade will be. Since engineering is really though and I'm a girl..doing the course..alone with no close friends in the same major. But you never know what a dose of estrogen can do to you.

I do have friends before, but its not in a big group, all girls. Mostly GUYS. Its not the same having guy friends and girl friends. And knowing the fact that we will be together for another two years, make me feel even more grateful. I know there must be girl fights along the way. but that's normal and I'm ready to face it. I just need their company through my studying years and know i can see bright light ahead of me. If one of you read this, I just want to say thanks a lot girls.. You guys are my sunshine..=)

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