Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favourite Picture - Tagged by Lynn

I was tagged by Lynn a few weeks ago. I've been very busy last few weeks plus with no computer and all. So, here it goes...

1) Do you think you're hot?

Not at the moment =P

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture?
. It's a candid and it's natural. I've never had a picture from that angle before. And.. never in a million years I ever thought that I have a jawline and a dagu. Hahaha.. people have been telling me that I have a round tembam face for as long as I can remember. And I didn't denied it either, but this pic prove me wrong. I just noticed currently that all my recent photos showed my jawline. Which I never seen before. So that's what I like about this picture. Haha.

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
. Can't recall. Probably last 6 months when Dila got dean's list again and blanja all of us Pizza at Alamanda. Hehe.

5) The last song you listened to?
. Sexy Moves - Blero

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
. Looking at extra notes uploaded by Mr Mahendra last few weeks. He's been complaining no students ever read it or even know it exist. Hahaha.

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
. None.I love Nadira.

People I tag:
Mok Pendingin Hawa -die dah lame gile x update blog.

8) Who is number 1?
. My beloved roomie.

9) Number 3 is having a relationship with?
. Laki nyer yang tersayang bername Iqbal yang sy sgt menyampah sbb selalu mengontrol Jen tp Jen xkisah because she love him soo much.Haha.Sori Jen.=P

10) Say something about number 5.
. I know him thru his blog that my roomie Intan suggested to read which I can conclude that he has dangerous talent to make other people's stomach explode or at least suffocate them after failing to breath prior to overdose of laughing after reading his brilliant post. Am I exaggerating here? hehe..

11) How about number 4?
. My ex-coursemate. Now in Malacca. Funny and smart. Almost 2 years tak jumpe die.

12) Who is number 2?
. Ex-roomie dan die sangat pandai.

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