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Of vampire stories

I know it’s quite late for me to review this movie but I HAVE to put Robert Pattinson's pic in my blog..hehe.

Basically, the movie was so-so, I was disappointed actually. But it was my fault. I'm not that interested at first even my roommate Jen was talking about it non stop for the whole week. I have no idea what the movie is all about. It was when I saw the trailer on tv that I was kind of intrigued to see it,

And what made me interested?
  • First, the part where the hero was trying to stop a van with his bare hand,
  • And second, the fact that the hero is Cedric Diggory. The handsome and talented young wizard who died in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire’.

I straightly think that this is an action movie. Even when Jen told me it is a vampire-human love story, I still have in mind that it is an action packed vampire-human love story. My expectation was sky high. It's definitely my fault that I'm disappointed because it is NOT action packed at all. The only good things about the movie were Robert Pattinson himself, the part where the family played baseball with Supermassive Blackhole as the background song and part when both Edward and Bella were on the trees because the view was breathtaking. Apart from that, didn't impress me at all.

I had already read the novel a little, Jen told me to read so that I have an idea before we watch it, and I realized even the beginning is not that similar to the movie. And she told me that like 40% of the story in the novel had been altered.

For me, some novels are not meant to be translated into movie. In novel people wants to read and dwells in emotions, but in movies people want to be impressed with what they see. Twilight is a love story. It involves a lot of romantic conversations, love notes and imaginations. In movies, long conversation will make us bored. People want to see movements, the actions.

Talking about the novel, I've read one novel about vampire before this. It was Single White Vampire by Lyndsay Sands. For me Twilight is better in terms of storyline but the characteristic of the vampire itself, I prefer Single White Vampire.

In both novels, Edward and Lucern are portrayed as
  • Darn good looking
  • Dark haired
  • Pale skin
  • Age few hundred years
  • Allergy to the sun
  • Didn't eat human food
  • Can read/control other people's mind, but not the one they loved.
In SWV, Lucern mom told him if he can't read a girl's mind that’s the sign that she's the one for him. In Twilight, obviously Edward can't read Bella's mind.

The differences are

1.Blood-sucking criteria
  • Twilight -Edward's family didn't drink human blood. They only rely on animal blood.
  • SWV - They did rely on human blood but within limit. Lucern's dad was a doctor and their family owns a blood bank which is where they got the supply of human blood
I prefer - SWV.
Come on, they're vampire, it’s in their nature to rely on humans blood, the fact that the writer’s trying to make them look good by living on animal bloods was unnecessary to me. Vampire is naturally bad. Let them be. It's like trying to make human not to eat but only drink. It’s a lot worse than vegetarians. They supposed to be tortured by that.

2.Exposure to sunlight
  • Edward and family live in the cloudiest city in the world and still can go to school every day and turn to a glittery creature under the sunlight.
  • Lucern family didn't go out that much in daylight. If they have to, they cover up the whole body, just stayed in the car and avoid sunlight as much as they can. Lucern is a writer and he works from home. Same as his brother that work as a video game creator.
I prefer - SWV
Even in cloudiest city there must be sunlight. And I never heard a vampire turns to a beautiful creature in sunlight. Originally, sunlight supposed to give bad effect to vampires.

3.Sleeping at night
  • Edward didn't sleep at all.
  • Lucern sleeps during the day
I prefer - SWV
Come on, sleep is great. Pity you can't sleep Edward.=P

4.The lover
  • Bella is fragile human beings that have to be taken good care of.
  • Kate is an independent career woman
  • Edward and his family are immortal
  • Lucern and family CAN actually die but they have stronger body immune that can make them heal faster and live way longer than average human.
I prefer - SWV
It's more realistic.

But as I said, from the story line aspect, I love Twilight better. The love story of a girl and a boy of different background and the struggle to save her from his threats is kinda appealing than a story of a writer and his editor which the obstacle of their love for him is just to avoid people noticing and to convince her to live long lives with him, while for her is just to make choice between career, family or living long lives with him. At the end both Kate and Bella are turned into vampire.

So total tally : SWV - 5 Twilight - 1

I hope the next movies New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Dawn will be better. I'm pretty sure they'll be way better. Optimist. =)=)

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