Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

I know it's 3 months late for me to talk about this film..but i really2 glad that i finally watched a fairy tale that is out of flower garden, no beautiful gowns, handsome price or beautiful palace, prince kissing the prinecss and they live happily ever after...its just a rare and amazing..i didn't even move an inch from my monitor..i just cant wait to see what happens next..i even memorize the eerie humming sound of the movie..i just can feel the bravery of ofelia and the strong spirit that mercedes's just..mindblowing...i'm not gonna say anymore because i'm bad at commenting a movie but really..if u like something other than typical story..u just have to watch it..=D


nooRaimanSuhairi said...

waaaaaaaah..iman paling takleh lupe part maid tu koyakkan mulut lelaki tu...eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

dyaz said...

ha'ah..tau xpe...menjerit jugakla sorg2 tgk..hehehe~


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