Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I thought it was quite long i didn't write here..but actually its not yet a month..I don't know if i've been busy this trimester because i've spent 40% of my time downloading various movies without actually seeing it, watching the whole season of desperate housewives, finding (and filling the form) which higher learning institution suits my SPM leaver brother and actually doing (not helping) PMR history assignment for the other brother. Gosh they are sooo lucky to have a sister like me..!

Apart from all those things that have nothing to do with my electrical majoring...50% of my time are spent on doing research about another faculty aside of my own and collecting old news about Highland Towers, typing reports, case study, interviewing deans and lecturers, distributing questionnaires to the whole hostel residents, attending meetings that always ended up without any solution (have i mention that i HATE meetings..) and practising dance steps to perform in front of Dato' Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when he actually went home right before our turn to perform saying.."Sorrylah xdapat tengok persembahan u all.."

i'm sooo yellow..

Another 10% are not suprisingly, spent on comforting myself with my insecurities. And looks like this trimester financial had go down to the second place on my MUST-SOLVE problems list. Insecurities had come to be the first..again. And these problem somehow breeds from an unthinkable source. A source who somewhat i might think to be my shoulder to cry on. Oh wasn't life so exciting...?!

And i don't know why the weather here is being soo hot lately..it's almost 7pm and i still can feel the heat...GoD..forgive my sins..

And unconciously..with all things that happens..i finally learn something about myself an other people..

When doing
Technical Communication research about Faculty of Creative Multimedia
i learn that..
MMU is the BEST university in ANIMATION locally and internationally. And so that u know..an animation movie GENG will come out in 2007 produce by our very own FCM ex-students Les' Copaque. GENG : The Beginning had won the best director, best animation, and best short film in Malaysian Anugerah Filem Pendek 2006.U'll definitely be impressed.

the infamous cow...

Engineers in Society assignment about Highland Tower
i realized that..
I love Engineering..but i'm sooo not gonna be an engineer one day..i have another goals to achieve..

Intro to Cyberpreneurship project
i get to know...
many of international students..and i like that is just that i never wanted to be in a group of 17 people ever again..!

Basic Management, Economics and Accounting for Engineers class..
i just..
glad that i'm not taking Management, Economic or Accounting course..

National Dance (curicular subject)
i just knew that..
I love traditional dance..! =D

Engineering Maths
i feel..
thankful that this is the only subjects that remind me I AM engineering student...

GOD i just miss the labs...the wires.. the smell of the burnt circuits and the oscilloscope so much..can wait for the next semester to come..

Other thing i've learned other than the subjects..

Sometimes we worried so much about the things that didn't give any benefit to our life..
Sometimes we try to avoid some people very hard and ended up coming very close to them..
Sometimes people change so badly that we almost didn't recognise them..
Sometimes WE change so badly that we hardly recognise ourself..
Sometimes we try to 'save' our best friend from something that we prejudicely think is not good for her but actually it is the thing that really makes her happy...
Sometimes its very good to admit your fault..
Sometimes we have to be selfish to make sure other people wont step on our head..
Sometimes it's good to cry our lungs out....
Sometimes a guy loves a girl sooooo much that he ended up hurting her..
Sometimes we found out that the true enemy of ourself is ourself..

So much learnings for a so long trimester, i'm going to prepare for my midterms this april and waiting for this trimester to end and also my insecurities..

Wasn't life so exciting..?!!


Hannah Johary said...

Hi Dya.. Found ur blog when I was bloghopping the other day & just looooooooove ur writing.

Take care & all the best in everything u do! ;-)

nooRaimanSuhairi said...

me love dance too...\:D/

dyaz said...

yeay..kite leh geng..gimme 5! =P


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