Friday, March 30, 2007

ANTM's back..!!!

The show had already reach its 5th episode of CYCLE 8. This cycle i like reason at all..

Say no more..these are the girls i think might be the last 6. But they're not really my favourite.

20 year old mom and a housewife. I like her looks and photos but not her personality. She got full package and i strongly believe that she'll win this cycle or at least make it to the final 2..or 3...

cute girl..but i don't like her pics..but the judges seems to like her personality even though she came out with not so strong photo as renee and jaslene every week..

crazy personality..i don't think she's going to win..but i like her so much..haha

also deliver strong photos every week.. she might win too..

there must be a black girl in the final round no matter how not so good she is..

she's not that pretty in person but her photos are gorgeous...she'll not gonna win either..

Now this is my favourite from the beginning..but she'd already been cut in the 4th sad...

but actually...this cycle have not makes me crazy enough to watch as the previous cycle..i dunno these are the picture of the newest cycle..Let me be the spoiler because here in Malaysia ANTM's just reaching its 5th cycle if i'm not mistaken..=P so enjoy..! =)


nooRaimanSuhairi said...

iman pon suke jael!!!

dyaz said...

yeayy..kite geng lagi..hahaha~


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