Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Life begins at 20!!

I turned 20 on Dec 14th…I’m gonna thank God first for letting me live till this age because at this age..
· I’m happy
· My health is in good condition. I rarely got sick or a fever or headache
(but with an exception for a terrible monthly stomach cramp..!!)
· I have a great relationship with my mom.
· I have a very close-knit family.
· A nice loving boyfriend.
· And also a good friends around me.
· And what more important I just settle my financial problems that overwhelm me for the past few years.
So what more a 20 year old girl wish for in her life at this moment….i have just one word..
I have my own ambition…and if I excel in studies…it will open many doors towards everything I’ve ever dream of..EVERYTHING…
The only thing I had to do in my 20th year is to me make sure that I won't disappoint myself by failing to achieve my dreams.. so here I go..2007 will come..and my life will begin…at 20…=)

P/S: million thanks to intan,ain and dilla for throwing me a suprise party that nite..and intan..u have too work on your acting skill...hehehe..u guys are awesome..!! luve u guys..xoxo


I.n.t.a.n said...

nnti la aku amek kls belakon..but at least i didnt laugh..but frankly speaking i wuz damn hungry..so..acting quality is not a priority..muahaha

dyaz said...

its okay..i give u A for effort..! tapi xyahla jadik pelakon..nanti da famous lupe aku pulak..sedey lak aku..


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