Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Bestfriend's Wedding

us with our beloved mom-to-be dayah (in the middle) hehe...

trust me Boy was not that tall...

till now we are wondering what's the purpose of wearing the shades kat atas pelamin tu..huh..

the bride-she's beautiful isn't she?

the cake

Date : 28th October 2006
Event : Mohd Nasrul and Nurul Hidayah's wedding
Venue : Maran, Pahang

After receiving the shocking invitation sms from dayah on the fasting month, me, sya and shab are busy gathering all other 4 remaining girls to go. But only Pae and Zafa can make it.Yati can't because she had to work and hawe have class. So on that day, shab came from kl, zafa came all the way from N9 and pae from shah alam, gathered at sya's house at putrajaya before they pick me up at cyberjaya on the next day and drive all the way to Maran to attend our very first friend among us who settle down-Dayah's wedding. Something that we though will never happened. not that she will never get married.. it's just that we never thought she will be the first. The ever cheerful-pretty-easygoing-loud and bubbly Dayah is getting married at the age of 20!! Tak pecayeeeee!!! that's our very first expression..hehe

Owh i forgot to mention.She got married with the same guy she was dating when we were in matriculation.We called him Boy.and he was about three years older than us and happen to be our senior in college.I remember when this guy first ask her out last 2 years, dayah ask me and sya to company her.and our first impression on him..naa..not suitable for you's better be fahmi or afi or even worst kechik u have to be dating not him..haha..but maybe she got something else in her mind and well its what they called jodoh ditangan tuhan she had already been Boy's wife.But till this second..i know for sure myself and most of the girls still does not like him.But Dayah..we LOVE u sooo much!! i just hope that 'not-a-BOY-not-yet-considered-a-MAN' will take good care of our sweetheart.

  • Everything was in purple that day.dayah's well-known favourite color
  • Shab and zafa was actually stayin in hostel before going to the kenduri. but unluckily hostel got no water and electricity supply.ahahaha..!! so sya yg sungguh baik hati menumpangkan mereka bermalam at her place.hik.sorry shab.manela aku tau hopstel xde air ngan letrik.hee.
  • Kitorg da betaun xjumpe zafa!!!!!! sgt rindu and excited dpt jumpe die.
  • As soon as dayah's mother saw me she uttered.." mmg kenai..budak jatuh itu hari niii...!! Corner maut.." hahaha..she's reffering to the time when me and dayah accident motor back then. xde sape langgar.kitorang jatuh sendiri.hehehe....
  • Dayah's elder brother was sooo hawtt! hehehe..but he's getting married this March =P
  • Dayah have 4 siblings.1st bro, 2nd bro a sister and then her.She's the youngest and she's the second in her siblings to get married.her 1st brother and her sister is not yet married.Langkah bendul? hmmm..there's no such thing nowadays....
  • Dayah looks absolutely stunning in both kebaya and gown..purple suits her best!
  • We spend most of our time snapping pictures, makan,guessing who's next and "kutuk"ing boy..hehe..
  • Zafa was the only one wearing the theme color that day.
  • Sya was the most nervous person that die pulak yg nak kawen.
  • we bought the wedding present at Khind just a few metres from Dayah's house.and it was an IRON.hehhe.semoge die rajen iron baju lepas kawen nnt.hehe.
  • I only realized that the wedding is in Maran when sya stop at putrajaya's Petronas. Ingatkan kat Puchong jek.hampeh.
  • At first,Zafa's mom did not allow her to go, but Pae showed her wooing skills in persuading her to let Zafa attend the wedding."Ala makcikk..bagila Zafa ikoottt..."hahaha..
  • I drove on our way back. i think i drove very well but they claimed that i drove like hell..haha..jahatla korang..
  • That was my very first trip to Pahang

we talk almost about everything in the car and it was very fun to talk and laugh and talk and laugh for hours.lame x jupela katekan.pasni mesti kitorg da susah nak jumpe dayah.yelaa.da jadi wife org..that's the saddest part..we really hope dat she willl live happily after this.and all of us are waiting for our nieces and guys..lets wait and see who's next..aku rase ko la sya..camner tu..hehe...


aisyaMEME said...

huh?? ape lak aku pasni..
no la..
not me wil be d nex..
i da xde keyakinan..
bia mase yg menetukan.. lala..
aku rase ko la dya ng abg otomen ko tuh.. ehee.. kan2??
takpun pae pun bley..
die kan lebey berkeyakinan..
well.. dya, ur story mmg besh gle..
akan na copywrite upacara tuh utk blog aku..
sb aku mls na pk wat ayat..
bley kan.. ehee..
hei gal.. remember..
keep in touch~

dyaz said...

ey..kitorg 27 oke..berkeyakinan nih..hehe..tapi aku rasekann..pasni shab tau..hahaha..sie tu diam2 je..tau2 nanti...hahaha....

shab said...

ehem...nak suh aku comment ker?nk komen psl dayah kawen tu ke atau psl komen2 korg tu.erkk..??apesal aku lak?no no no..!

nyway.smoga perkahwinan dorg kekal n bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat..aminn..


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