Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ANTM cycle 7

I watched this series religiously since i saw its cycle 4 and i'm sure there's a lot of you peeps out there who share the same interest as mine.
Cycle 7 made a history to list down the first sibling/twin to be the finalist in ANTM.The twins - Amanda and Michelle Babin really do have that 'something' to represent a real model in the industry.They are one of my favourite this season but personally i loves Michelle more.The tomboy twin.Eventhough the girlish twin Amanda confessed that she need this more than Michelle who just want to have fun in this competition, i do feel that Michelle have more talent than her sister.

michelle's bird nest hair..

i also like caridee..i normally dislikes blondes..but her personality makes herself outstanding among the others and not forgetting her friendly nature and she's likeable to all the other girls.

I like melrose at first, but she turns out to be a complete bitch as the competition heats up.But she's undeniably commited and i'm not surprise if she make it to the top.

This is my most favourite girl AJ.I like her since the first time i saw her in the pre-show and antm website. She took great photos and rocks the the runway.Plus she reminds me of Naima cycle 4 winner. I know she'll make it further in modelling even if she did not win this season of antm.

Anchal for me is not a model material at all. She'd be definitely suitable to be in Miss Universe pageant rather than antm. Maybe the judges just want to add some 'colours' by taking her in this competition.

AJ's crazy hair....

AJ's makeover

So we'll see if my favourite A.J and Michelle will make it to the top this season. So do let me know your choice and till then, i'm gonna continue my work..daa~


[[[ mistic.bliss ]]] said...

aku pon suke model rambut pendek. tatau nape.

missnadira said...

sebab nampak boyish + girlish at the same time kot..:P:P


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