Monday, September 25, 2006

A short note

dya is actually feel sad bcos she had to bukak puasa with maggi mee whilst her three annoying bro happily enjoying her mama's meal back home. despite her larger than life financial problem, she also feel depressed for her coming final exam. she prays and try hard to maintain her 'no supplementary paper' record next semester.(eventhough it's already known that this semester's subject are freakin' tough but she still gatal to work part time.) <==paragraph consider revising. She's not gatal. She's desperately needs money! And she's just a good daughter trying not to burden her ayah any longer.

Considering all this factors, u will not be suprised if her mama mistaken her with skeletons when she come back home during this trimester break.-reuters.

p/s:And infinite thanks to all my beloved friends who had helped me morally and financially...May GOD bless you all.....


[[[ mistic.bliss ]]] said...

aiyo dya!
jgn la begitew.
so sume skg dah setel kan.

oh bab susah tak susahkn bpk kau tuh.
FYI, adik aku pernah mengalami yg serupa.
kau tau ape aku ckp.
"klu taknak abah tanggung, jgn balik umah nih lagik. jangan bckp ngan kitorg. sbb ko bukan adik bradik kami."


reality bites. but the reality is the daddy of the hse needs to work to support the family.
no question asked on that pls.

ok, the other part u can ask.
knape aku cakap camtuh kat adik aku?
sebab, sebagai seorang bapak, bapak harus menanggung anak2nya no matter wht he's been working on.
kkdg ade bpk buat keje tak halal (cthnya amik nombo) utk cari duit lebih. obviously to support the famly.

dan kau masih bawah tanggungannya.
jgn deny tanggjwb die.
die masih bapak kau.
kalau kau deny tggjwb die, die akn sedey.
sbb camne susah pon, bapak kan, die akn usaha smpi dpt.
kite pon usaha jugak.
tp usaha kite takat mana aje kan.
aku bukan ckp pasal aku tak lalui hidup ssh.
kau pernah dgr cerita aku kan.
the elaun 150 sebulan back then?

wpon camne ssh, still hrp la kat bpk kau. die the leader of the famly.
he made most of the decision. jgn buang famly in whtevr u do.

memang lah sbg anak sulung kkdg rase cam nyusahkn bpk la. nk korban takmo mintak duit bpk la. patotnye umo2 camni dah tanggung kuarga lah.

"if u quit now, u'll be nowhere.
u only hv ur spm for god sake. camtu ko nak tanggung kuarga? jgn mimpilah. brp gaji kau bole dpt? 1k? dok kl? bole ker?"
tht wht i told my sis when she wanna quit her studies and help my dad juz bcos mom passed away. boley?

psl financial, kau jgn risau. bpk kau akn usahakn. tak salah kite usaha same, tp dnt ever neglect ur studies (whch is i believe u dnt) and dnt ever neglect his responsibility to take care of u.

i dnt knw the real story but juz take my advice wherever appropriate, ok. take a good care of urself simply bcos theres a lot of ppl care abt u, including me.

dyaz said...

thanx kak aini for dat advice...sob..sob...waaaa..

Anonymous said...
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