Monday, September 25, 2006

A post for me

kadang-kadang Allah hilangkan sekejap matahari kite....

kemudian die datangkan guruh dan kilat......

puas kite menangis....

mane matahari...??

rupe-rupenye Allah nak hadiahkan kite pelangi........


  • dya is trying to soothe her wounded heart
  • her mind is diverging.she cant focus
  • dya is confused
  • she's in despair
  • she wants to escape from reality
  • she felt guilty of all her wrongdoings
  • her inferiority is sickening
  • dya feel exhausted with her life
  • yet she always thinks that God's still love her
  • dya is so thankful
  • she will cure the depraved thoughts in her mind
  • dya will

encouraging advise are most welcome.......

1 comment:

I.n.t.a.n said...

Dare,there's a place where dreams survive, and it's calling u onto victory..;)


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