Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You didn't look that smart..!!!

no i DONT but luckily i AM...

i've encountered with these kind of situation almost everytime a new guy approach me..
but with a different kind of approach..

some were straight forward..

hye.. i always see u around campus..ya i'm staying in hostel..
so what course are u taking..management?no.. engineering
really?!! u..u dont look that smart..i'm sorry didnt meant to offend you but
seriously i tought u are doing law or business or something..
ya..ppl always said that...=)

but some were like

why are u taking engineering?
cos i love it..i cant imagine myself doing any other courses..no..its just..u are girlish..fashionable...u just dont look like a typical engineering student..
i am??hahaha..i dont think i'm fashionable..okay cmon just say that i'm not that smart..
ya..well..no..i dont mean that..its just like..u know...haha..gotcha..

well..strictly speaking, my true self is neither girlish nor fashionable..yea of course girls will be more feminine as they grew up..even if i try to be moderate and less girlish, i still loves pink and wishing fluffy bears on birthdays....but i'm not going to change the way i look just to make ppl think i'm an engineering student.Besides, i dont live on ppl's expectation..

Honestly it was fun though..when ppl underestimate your abilities but in the end we just make their eyes rolled with mouth wide open standing in disbelieve....its a bliss..!!

I have a friend in my secondary school who told me before i move out to another school.. "Hey, when u go there, u should pursue art stream..u can't manage science stream..u'll be better in art class..thats my advise."
Ya..thanks for the advise cum insultation.. Ironically, i ended up being in the same university with him here, right in the same faculty of Engineering.

Don't just tell me to quit science just because i fail my first physics test in form 4 dude..I'm a late bloomer...and now it's my time to bloom...

Being a girl is never a weakness....isn't it.. (^_^)v


woundsoflove said...

hehe~ abestuh takkan laa pompuan amik engineering nak kene pakai baju bengkel baru nmpk engineering-ish...
btw, in my blog u can comment by cliking add khadam :D

dyaz said...

saye da comment daa..hehe..=P


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