Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tangled Ever After 2012

omg! omg! omg! They're back!!

And Eugene and Rapunzel is getting married!!
Now THIS is the wedding I've been waiting for.(^_^)

Disney team made this short film as a continuation of the effervescent Rapunzel, her pet frogchameleon Pascal, Maximus the palace horse and Eugene's adventure in Tangled (2010). Read my review here.
Which I've watched like millions times already right up till now.:P

And the short film will be premiered in front of each Beauty and The Beast 3D screening that will be in cinemas January 2012. Not sure about Malaysian cinema though.

Yes. Beauty and The Beast in 3D my lovely friends. 
Another must watch.

This time around this epic tale will be shown with enhanced visual. So you can expect prettier Belle (not that she's not already pretty), beastier Beast and livelier dishes and pots.=P

"The Beast will have the characteristics from many animals, including the mane of a lion, the horns and head of a buffalo, the eyebrows of a gorilla, the tusks of a wild boar, the upper body of a bear, and the legs and tail of a wolf. It's voice was enhanced by the growls of actual lions and panthers.

Yet in order for Belle to fall for the Beast, his human side had to be readily apparent. Because of this, animators made sure to keep the Beast's eyes deep blue and full of soul." - Supervising animator Glen Keane.

I can't wait.

Sources: Yahoo Movies


Abg Stalker said...

masa muda2 dlu suka cte mcm ni. :) mula la berangan masuk alam fantasi.bila da berumur ckit ni,pk bnd lain serius da lama sgt x tgk wyg.x ada pasangan nk ajak prg.dgn kwn2 x la diorg nk tgk cte cmni. ;(

missnadira said...

haha..salah satu sebab sy suke tgk movie..(tmbh2 yg fairy tale mcm ni)sebab for that 1 to 2 hours, I can escape from reality for a while..hehehe..

selamba je la abg stalker pg tengok dgn anak sedare ke..adik ke..:P

abg stalker said...

x ada adik,ank tunggal.ank sedara kecik2,gelap ckit penakut.ahaha..ajak dya la.jom :)tgk smbil berangan mmg masyuk.

missnadira said...

haha.susah2 download je abg stalker..saya pun kalau malas nk keluar sy download je..cinema at the comfort of our own room..lg best:P

btw abg stalker lama xupdate blog..sila update cpt!:P

Anonymous said...

mmg nk update tp skrg ni ada masalah ckit,kesihatan mcm kongkang.terpaksa taip ckit2,ada je dlm draft. :)as soon as possible la k,insyaAllah.

missnadira said...

its okey..macam musim org sakit pulak sekarang..anyway take care of urself k..:)

Abg Stalker said...

tq dya ;)same goes 2 u dear.wah..edit eh?betul2..beast ni mcm2 kacuk. :)klu dia betul2 wujud mmg lari lintang pukang la,cm menakutkn je.haha

eva said...

beauty n the beast my fav.. masa kecik ntah brapa kali ulang tgk.. suka tgk gaun then lagu soundtrack dia.. teringin nak pakai gaun kembang tu.. hehe

missnadira said...

abg stalker: haha..aah..tambah..baru terbaca tadi..hehe.

eva:kannn...tipula sape tak suka beauty and the suka tengok teapot dgn anak dia tea cup.:P

eva said...

haaa.. yang teapot dgn tea cup tu comel.. suka dgr mak dia nyanyi..


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