Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I had a great dream last night, oh wait...

..it's NOT a freakin dream..(^_^)

**This was one of the thing I won't forget for the rest of my life.

I went to bed at 1am. I plan to stay up but I'm too sleepy, so I took my lappy to my bed, set the alarm clock to 330am and went to sleep. I woke up around 420am my alarm somehow did not rang because I actually set it to 1530 T_T.. but lucky the game was still on the first half and Henry's still on the bench. And the game was blah as ever.

The current No.14 has a lot to learn from his predecessor.

I tried hard not to fall asleep during the half time.


Then came the second half, I believed everybody (even those who are not the Arsenal fan) had goosebumps or at least eagerly waiting whether or not he'll ACTUALLY get on the pitch and relived the great memory he left us with.

and he DID.
not only that, he SCORES in his typical style and bag us home a win. F*cking icing on the cake.Bonus with a cheque.

The goal number 227

this is not about an FA Cup 3rd round match against Leeds anymore. This is all about the comeback of a certain legend -  Thierry Henry.

Yes I'm a bit skeptical earlier. I don't want him to smear his legendary status by being a player again. But who am I kidding, nothing can change his legendary status. His name will stay in the history no matter what happen.

At the end of the match, the commentator did mention,

"The fear was that the legend may be diminished but the reality is its already been enhanced."


Commentator: The facial hair more prominent, the pace perhaps a little less lethal, but the aura remains.


I believe his comeback intention is solely based on his love for the club and for that particular man who've made him the player he is today.

Though he's way past his peak, you can't deny his finishing was still to scream for. I'm glad he's at the Emirates now so he can show the boys how to DO stuffs. How you FINISH stuffs. 

Like the commentator said,
"Form is temporary, Class is permanent."


Whatever happens after this, I'm gonna enjoy this 2 months of Henry's presence. And I'll keep on watching that goal celebration over and over again until it stops warming my heart. (^_^)

A great read - A Statue came to Life by Untold Arsenal.


Alkisah said...

yeah... like it

eva said...

wahh! begitu detail.. semangat!! hehe..

david beckham said...

u know that...i'm watching that moment hahaha

missnadira said...

david beckham: haha..jgn nangis ye..:P


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